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How To Retain Customer Service Positions

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For companies to rise above their competition, they need to maintain their customer base and attract new customers. The employers that are entrusted with customer support serve one of the most vital roles in any company – they, are the direct link to the company and their customers. To help find the best, most talented customer service employees and retain them long-term, Ninja Gig has put together several helpful hiring tips for customer service positions.

  • Personality – It is important to hire the right employee that has a personality that shines. Customer support people represent your company, which means that if customers have problems, these are the people they turn to resolve any issues. An applicant needs to have the right personality to positively interact with their clients on a regular basis. Look for an employee that has excellent communication skills and is an effective problem solver.
  • Motivation – Customer service requires patience and a willingness to solve even the most complex issues. An employee should have the motivation to do a good job with every customer. They need to maintain a calm focus, especially when dealing with inpatient or frustrated customers. If an applicant has previous customer service experience, you can ask them how they solved some of the problems they faced at other jobs. You can also present a common customer service problem to applicants and ask how they would respond under pressure. Inquire about how they would handle challenging customers.
  • References – Hiring tips for customer service positions include asking for references and speak with former employers and coworkers about how the person handled different situations in their previous jobs. If the applicant has a natural inclination to work with people, he/she may be a good fit for a customer service position.

If an employee does well in customer sales, chances are another company will likely recruit them. To help offset employee turnover, human resources department need to consider implementing the following:

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package – Offer a comprehensive package that shows employees that companies care. While it may seem obvious, companies that go out of their way to care for their employees have a less frequent turnover.
  • Be Upfront – During the employment interview, it’s important to clearly state the company’s expectations. While you may lose some candidates upfront, in the long run, you will hire better, more qualified and loyal employees.
  • Motivation – Never estimate the power of motivation. Motivating your employees can keep them challenged and let them know they are appreciated.
  • Goals – Hiring tips for customer service positions include always establishing clear, individual goals to help encourage a creative thought process. This can help develop a thriving work environment that promotes long-term company benefits.

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