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How to Increase the Impact of Your Company’s Exhibit at Job Fairs

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How you present your company at job fairs is essential to attracting potential new talent so you can make the most of job fair recruitment. In most cases, it all starts with your company’s exhibit on the showroom floor. After all, next to having a show-stopping booth that’s appealing, inviting and one that will capture attention in a matter of seconds, creating a first impression is king. Plus, it could mean the difference between attracting the talent that you need or having them simply walk by your floor space.

You can use many concepts, designs, and marketing materials to ramp up your company’s presence. If you and your team feel your exhibit needs a serious facelift for this year’s run of job fairs, read on.

Tips for Successful Job Fair Recruitment

According to Trade Show Advisor, it is pertinent first to define and clarify what your company wants to achieve and what kind of image or marketing message you want to communicate. As a result, your exhibit should reflect that image and/or message. This will make it more appealing, but it can more effectively showcase what your company can offer. In fact, this can be achieved in many simple ways – all at a cost that won’t break the bank or your budget.

Clearly Showcase Your Company’s Brand

Graphics or banners are nothing new, of course, but your company’s branding should be large, clear, inviting – and easy to see amongst a field of the other exhibitors (which could also include your competition). Most printing or graphic shops can customize marketing materials at a reasonable cost.


One of the most important appointments to consider is your exhibit’s lighting. You don’t need to be an interior designer or an electrician for that matter to create a nice, well-illuminated exhibit. According to Trade Show Advisor, creative lighting for any exhibit can have outstanding results. For example, it can emphasize certain focal points of your booth, create a stronger impression of your company and even offer a warm, inviting atmosphere. Various lighting options are available to meet your specific needs and objectives.


When you consider that exhibit hall flooring is nothing but cold, grey, concrete, having custom flooring is a valuable accessory, and for many reasons. It can be as simple as floor mats and area rugs or as enticing as interlocking tiles, modular flooring or carpeting with your company’s logo (with the latter sending a strong message of professionalism and character). In fact, Trade Show Advisor suggests that going the extra mile with a custom trade show floor makes a great impression and can play a key role in attracting visitors.

Exhibit Fixtures

According to Trade Show Advisor, fixtures such as literature racks, table coverings or display cabinets can also enhance an exhibit’s appearance. They should be designed and arranged so they have the most impact and they can even better help your staff assist with visitors.

Enhancing your exhibit for the 2019/2020 job fair season doesn’t have to be difficult or have all the bells and whistles. By adhering to some of these guidelines to create a clean, inviting and well-thought exhibit, just might produce the results and prospects your company is looking for.

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