Best Places to Work Hiring Tips

How to Find the Best Place to Work (for You)!

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Many businesses tout that they have the best work environment, best benefits, best vacation policy and more.So how do you determine the best place to work?

This may sound old fashioned, but get out a piece of paper, a pen and make a list. Number your page one through five and then list the number one thing that is important to you in a company and go from there.

Once you have your priorities, you have direction on what to look for. You probably already know what industry you want to work for, and that information is also key in finding the right company.

There are many lists online detailing the best place to work, top places to work for balance and family, employee reviews, reviews of salaries and benefits, and lists for any piece of information you are looking for regarding your job search.

A recent report at Glassdoor detailed the top 50 companies to work for, and you can also sort it by the city to find a job near you.

Lists like these are invaluable for job seekers because you can get firsthand accounts of what it’s really like to work for a particular company and if they’re indeed the best place to work.

If you’re looking for a job with a company that won’t be listed on nationwide lists, then go by word of mouth. One Facebook user recently asked on a post if anyone knew anything about working for a local school district. What was it like to work there? What was the pay like? Benefits? She was surprised when she received a truckload of feedback from her Facebook friends that also shared the post with people they knew to solicit additional feedback.

Because of the feedback, she determined a course for her future and received offers from people to “put a good word in” for her if she indeed decided to apply for a job at the school district.

Going straight to the source to find out information is not frowned upon. If you don’t know anyone that works at a particular place of business, ask around. Find a friend of a friend that works there and ask them about the benefits, the time off, the work environment and what it’s “really” like to work there.

It’s okay to be picky about where you work. You want to be happy there, and the employer wants longevity from their employees.

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