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Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Find a Job

Social media is an online job system, one that more employers are using in today’s modern era. The old adage, it’s “who you know not what you know,” couldn’t be more accurate in a job search in today’s online job system … at least it feels true a lot of the time. In today’s job […]

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The Top Benefits of Hiring Older Employees

There has been a lot of debate over whether younger, flashier Millennial counterparts are overshadowing mature (older) workers in today’s hiring world. In a recent survey by Adecco, the results were a little surprising.  Over 500 HR managers were surveyed by phone, and one of the key findings was that these managers prefer older, more […]

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What Today’s Youth Can Offer the Workplace

In a previous post, we talked about hiring more mature employees and what they can bring to the workplace. On the flip side, younger employees also bring a different energy to the workplace and may just be the shot of adrenaline your business needs. Younger employees sometimes get a bad rap due to supposed immaturity, […]

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How to Weed Out Bad Applicants

When conducting job interviews, it’s hard to look through your crystal ball and make sure you’re hiring who you think you are.  When people submit online job applications, you can’t meet them and you don’t have the luxury of forming a first impression.  All you can do is hope that the words you’re reading on […]

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The Latest and Greatest about Jobs and Hiring in 2020

Let’s face it, the economy isn’t turned around yet. COVID-19 is still in full force and things are still pretty sluggish. Millions of people are applying for jobs and a lot of companies have paused hiring. When someone is searching and applying for jobs, people always say things like “stay positive” and “keep your chin up.” […]

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Essential Job Interview and Resume Tips for the New Year

If you search for websites about applying for job, job interview tips or resume advice, things start to look the same. There are many tips out there about performing well in job interviews and having the best resume, but sometimes you can get information overload and do too much. Here are two essential lists that […]

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Be Prepared: 10 Tough, Common Job Interview Questions

When going to a job interview, you know you’ll probably get some tough, crazy and even some off-the-wall questions. To not totally bomb the interview, you need to prepare! Here are 10 tough questions that you may want to ask if you’re doing online recruitment (or prepare for if you’re interviewing) in a job interview. […]

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Get A New Career Now: The Best Online Job Boards

When looking for a job, time is often of the essence. You don’t want to waste precious job search time dealing with online job boards that don’t offer you a wide variety of companies and positions to browse through. You also want job and networking information that will have up-to-date information…not jobs that have been […]

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Boost Your Resume Now With These Bullet Points

Though most job candidates would consider the interview as getting your foot through the door, the resume is just as important because it’s literally what opens that proverbial door. As a result, job seekers must think like an employer when crafting their next resume. Here are some helpful resume tips for job hunters. Resume Tips […]

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You’ll Laugh Yourself Silly With These Resume Funnies

All you have to do is search “funny resumes” or “resume bloopers,” and you will be inundated with funny anecdotes from various companies who have collected some hilarious resumes. These resumes definitely make for some fun water-cooler humor, but it won’t land you a job. In fact, mistakes will repel would-be employers. Be careful when you’re […]