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How to Weed Out Bad Applicants

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When conducting job interviews, it’s hard to look through your crystal ball and make sure you’re hiring who you think you are.  When people submit online job applications, you can’t meet them and you don’t have the luxury of forming a first impression.  All you can do is hope that the words you’re reading on paper are an accurate portrayal of the job applicant.

How to Spot Bad Applicants During the Hiring Process

To keep subpar candidate and bad eggs away, follow THREE simple guidelines:

1.  Don’t Just Call the References – Call other places the job applicant has worked in the past. Find out what kind of person they are by going the extra mile in your background check. There is no “lemon law” with hiring employees – once you’ve hired them, you’re stuck with them!

2.  Check Social Media – Every job applicant you’re considering should have a background check and/or drug test performed, but you should also check their social media sites.  Are there drunk, partying pictures on their Facebook page where they brag about calling into work sick? If there is questionable material, use your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to eliminate the candidate from your good candidate pool.

3.  Go With Your Gut – Even if everything looks great on paper, you will be well served if you follow your gut instinct on a person. If something feels “off,” then it probably is and you should follow that instinct and not be overridden by what looks good on paper.

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