COVID-19 National Trends

Learn What Jobs Are Poised for a COVID-19 Comeback 

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Pre-pandemic, the United States saw high demand for jobs in the technology sector. As we evolve post-pandemic and learn to live with the new normal, we see an increase in human-centric roles, as shown by the latest job posting sites. 

Post-Pandemic Job Trends in 2021 According to Job Posting Sites

Frontline workers, such as delivery drivers and warehouse workers, were the dominant trend of 2020, largely due in part to ongoing social-distancing practices and shelter-in-place advisories. According to data obtained by LinkedIn, these types of jobs increased 73%, and these types of jobs are still in demand, with more than 400,000 open jobs right now. 

Mortgage and loan experts were also among an emerging field in 2020, especially with the government rolling out the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and the skyrocketing homebuying boom during the pandemic. 

Healthcare positions, such as healthcare supporting staff, nurses and mental health specialists, also saw a significant increase in demand. As expected by healthcare professionals, the pandemic has exacerbated many mental health issues, including causing mental health trauma. The pandemic has helped remove some barriers to mental health access, as many providers have been forced to move their services online. 

As other organizations across the U.S. have moved online, they’ve seen a significant increase for employees and workers in the areas of digital marketing, business development, sales and other business operations. 

Additionally, hiring for artificial intelligence experts and data scientists is still on the rise. Experts consider this a positive sign, as many businesses look at how to safeguard their operations long-term from any future disruptions in our post-pandemic world.

Many companies are hiring workplace diversity experts to help address the systemic racism rooted in their corporate practices following more than a year of racial justice protests and demands for accountability.

Open Jobs Are Abundant In Big Cities

The housing boom that has seen many people migrate from big cities means that metro areas continue to have more open jobs. The majority of available jobs are in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. Despite people moving to the suburbs, cities still have large populations that heavily rely on services. 

Remote jobs have seen a significant increase, making up more than 15% of applications on LinkedIn. As remote work persists, engineers have continued demand to help everyone remotely stay connected. This demand for engineers is also especially true for the education field. 

Top job Openings in 2021

Ninja Gig has rounded up the top list of jobs for the second half of 2021 based on job posting sites. 

  1. Frontline E-Commerce Workers – Personal shoppers, delivery drivers and fulfillment specialists. Top locations: New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C.
  2. Loan and Mortgage Experts – Underwriters, loan coordinators and mortgage consultants. Top locations: New York City, Chicago and Dallas.
  3. Healthcare Supporting Staff – Health coaches, intake specialists and pharmacy technicians. Top locations: Boston, Chicago and New York City.
  4. Sales Professionals and Business Development – Sales operations assistants, sales consultants and strategic advisors. Top locations: Atlanta, Denver and New York City. 
  5. Workplace Diversity Experts – Inclusion aides, diversity coordinators and diversity officers. Top locations: Chicago, San Francisco and New York City.
  6. Digital Marketing Professionals – Social media managers, growth hackers and search engine optimization specialists. Top locations: Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco.
  7. Nurses – Certified nursing assistants, school nurses and nursing managers. Top locations: Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York City.
  8. Education Professionals – Teaching assistants, youth workers and education consultants. Top locations: Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C.
  9. Digital Content Creators – YouTubers, podcasters and bloggers. Top locations: Atlanta, Chicago and New York City.
  10. Personal and Career Coaches – Career coordinators, life coaches and business coaches. Top locations: Boston, Houston and New York City.
  11. Specialized Engineers – Customer engineers, game developers and software engineering specialists. Top locations: Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City.
  12. Mental Health Specialists – Mental health technicians, behavior therapists and psychotherapists. Top locations: New York City, Boston and San Francisco.
  13. User Experience Professionals – Product design consultants, user experience design specialists and user interface designers. Top locations: New York City, San Francisco and Seattle.
  14. Data Scientists – Data science specialists, data scientists and data management analysts. Top locations: New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C.
  15. Artificial Intelligence Engineers – Artificial intelligence specialists, machine learning engineers and machine learning researchers. Top locations: Seattle, New York City and San Francisco.

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