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Job Interview Manners Suggestions and Tips

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It’s officially May, and “may” we suggest a few job interview manners that are crucial in impressing during job interviews. Oh, and these tips go both ways for the job interviewer and interviewee.

  1. First, turn your cell phones off. It is really rude to be conducting a conversation with someone, only to have them look down at their phones, check messages or other not-so-nice phone behavior. Make the person you are talking with feel important by giving 100 percent of your attention to them.
  2. Second, make eye contact! Good and appropriate eye contact is key to making a good impression and a necessity when it comes to job interview manners. Look people in the eyes, but don’t freak them out by staring too hard. Looking away while thinking about an answer is okay, but when speaking, bring your eyes to meet theirs. So much of our communication is non-verbal and eye contact is an important piece of that non-verbal communication.
  3. Third, practice that handshake. No one likes a “limp noodle” or “dead fish” handshake. Practice your handshake with a trusted friend or family member. Is your handshake too weak, or too strong? Handshakes make a huge impression and it is something you can easily perfect.
  4. Fourth, check and double-check your spelling. If you have errors in your job postings, or on the flip side, your resume, this will speak volumes. Read (and reread) any written material that will be seen by potential applicants or companies. A misspelling can make or break an opportunity and speaks to the amount of detail you pay to important things.
  5. Finally, use appropriate language. Please, thank you, may I and other good manner words are crucial in conveying good manners and often make up for what you may be lacking in education. The words you use are vital and show character (or lack thereof).

Again, talk to a trusted family member or friend and ask if they have noticed any mispronunciations or misuse of certain words. One woman, who otherwise looked and acted in a professional way, often said “I seen” instead of “I saw.” This one mistake caused others to look at her as if she was uneducated, when, in fact, she possessed a college degree and was an intelligent woman. The words we speak are powerful and need to be chosen wisely.

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