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Reasons Why Automated Recruitment Software Boosts Your Hiring Efforts

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You may have heard about automated recruitment software, but what exactly is this type of software, and how does it positively impact your business? Ninja Gig highlights the top reasons why companies should begin incorporating this robust tool.

Fill Positions Faster 

The best talent is only on the market an average of 10 days before accepting a job offer. This short online recruitment cycle means that every day counts. Using automated recruiting software helps you reach out to talented candidates faster.

Identify Talented Candidates Using Automated Recruitment Software

That leads us to how to identify talented candidates. Sure, you might get dozens or even hundreds of resumes, but how do you narrow down the applicant pool to only those that are qualified? It’s easy and straightforward with automated recruiting software. It will automatically comb through resumes in seconds, helping you identify the top talent.

Saves Time

HR and recruiting teams are slammed with COVID-19 requirements, which means many could be working overtime to hire and train new employees. Help save valuable time by using recruitment automation to automate more tasks such as training. Additionally, you can automate email correspondence to let applicants know you’ve received their application and even schedule appointments with top candidates.

Hire for Several Roles

Did you know that the average time to fill an open position is 36 days? Yet, as we mentioned earlier, the best candidates are gone within 10 days. To help capture the best talent for your company, recruiters can’t afford to hire for one position at a time. Automated recruiting will allow you to fill more roles simultaneously, leading to a lower cost of vacancy.

Better Candidate Evaluations and Experiences

It’s hard to read through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes, call people back, schedule appointments and get the team’s input. Using automated recruiting software, you can delve into the top candidates, get to know them better, and evaluate them on a deeper level to make sure they’re a good, long-term fit for your company and culture. 

Additionally, candidates that have negative interview experiences are more likely to be turned off by companies. By freeing up HR’s time, you can ensure that more time is spent on the candidate experience. After all, you don’t want someone joining your company because they have to; you want them to join because they’re excited and eager to become a part of your team.

Promote Diversity and Eliminate Biases

Unconscious prejudice and biases plague humankind, which can affect the workplace and recruiting process. The latest Harvard study shows that approximately 10 percent of African-American candidates got callbacks for interviews if they provided information on their resume about their ethnic identity. While you can’t rely solely on automated software to help prevent bias, it’s also important to promote diversity in the organization, as well as bias training to help mitigate any potential discrimination. 

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