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Seasonal and Temporary Hiring Needs

As a business owner, chances are that your hiring needs come and go. While some companies are constantly hiring because of high turnover or the nature of their work, most companies experience hiring cycles. So, as a business owner, how do you take care of your digital hiring process without paying for a service you don’t always need? Many companies that provide online job applications require a long-term service contract, which can make using a service like this impractical and non-affordable if you aren’t always actively hiring.

Ninja Gig takes care of this for you! We do not require a contract, and you can cancel any time. If you cancel, all your data is saved, including any received applications. While your account is cancelled, you can still log in and access all your data. Finally, if your hiring needs change and you are once again ready to start accepting job applications, you simply log in and renew your paid subscription with us. This way, you can turn the service off and on at-will!

Ninja Gig is perfect for companies of all sizes, and with this additional functionality, we are perfect even if your hiring needs are seasonal or temporary. Sign up today for a free trial and see how easy it is to use our service to reach candidates online.