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Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Find a Job

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Social media is an online job system, one that more employers are using in today’s modern era. The old adage, it’s “who you know not what you know,” couldn’t be more accurate in a job search in today’s online job system … at least it feels true a lot of the time.

In today’s job market, finding your dream job on a job posting website can seem just that – a dream.

Due to the explosion in social media, finding a job is easier than ever before.

Tapping Into The Online Job System

When looking for employment after being fired from a job, or because of a layoff or other less than desirable scenario, many people withdraw. They are depressed and worried about their future. And they don’t want anyone to know about it.

People don’t want to look desperate, and they fear others’ judgment, so they say nothing about their hardships when it comes to job hunting.

This is the wrong approach.

Those around you, your friends and especially your contacts on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help you, but they need to know how.

First, do a post that says something like, “Hey, I am currently looking for a new job (you don’t need to give details on why), in this industry (fill in the blank) and I would really appreciate any ideas you guys might have on fantastic companies who are hiring.”

People love helping people, and if they know you are looking for a job, they will be keeping their eyes and ears open for you.

Also, keep people in the loop on your job search.  For example, after a job interview, post something like, “Just had a great job interview, but I don’t quite feel it’s ‘the one’ – I’m still looking for a great job in this ________ industry, any ideas?”

Keep people updated and keep it very positive, and your social media buddies will be your greatest asset when trying to find a job.

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