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Four Steps That Explain How Job Posting Sites Work

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Job applicants want the ease and convenience of applying for jobs online via job posting software. Unless it’s at a job fair or through networking, people are online doing their job searches in today’s market. It only makes sense to pair the ability to apply for the job right alongside the job description.

At Ninja Gig, our goal is to make you and your company look good. We have written our proprietary software with both small and large businesses in mind. That’s why we included the feature that lets you customize what you want and easily make your online job portal and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into your own site.

Why You Need Online Job Posting Software

There are four main steps to using job applications online, including:

1.  Your company posts a job opening using easy to use software; everything is linked to your existing website if desired.

2.  Applicants see your job postings and apply using a simple online application form, with the ability to attach their resume, references, cover letter, etc.

3.  Your company is notified of each new application upon receipt, and you can immediately begin reviewing to find potential candidates for the job.

4.  Your company decides about the applicants and can easily delete applications and narrow the search down to a select few, all while keeping them safe and secure in an online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is fully HR compliant.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ninja Gig.

How Many Applications Can I Receive in Job Posting Software?  

Unlike our competitors, we do not limit the number of applications you can receive from our software.

Whether you receive one or 1,000 applications, the price is the same. Even if you only receive one application per month, our software is well worth the price to enable the online job application process. We give you the tools you need to receive, track, and manage all current and previous applications in our exclusive Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Can I Accept Mobile Employment Applications?  

Absolutely. We have enabled our software to make accepting employment applications from a mobile device a piece of cake. Mobile visitors will automatically be re-directed to a mobile-friendly website and still enjoy your fully-functional employment application.

What Website Will I Use?

We let you choose your own domain name, and you will use that domain name on your website and other online job postings to point applicants in the right direction, so you make sure that your job postings get noticed.

How do I know when a new application has been completed?    

We automatically send you an email every time an application is received. Then, you just log in to view/organize the new application.

Ninja Gig is one of the best employer job posting sites on the market since 2012. whether you need to post a job advertisement or need to track applications in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) job portal, Ninja Gig has you covered with our low, flat-rate monthly fee. In fact, our software even posts jobs on Indeed and a dozen other major job boards without any additional fees! Interested in putting Ninja Gig to work? Let us do the heavy lifting on job applications and sign up today for our free 14-day trial.