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The Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

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Social platforms reach millions of people. Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users, followed by Twitter at 330 million and Linked In at 760 million. This makes social media a marketing platform, not just for advertising products and sales, but also for social media recruiting for job applicants.

Social media recruiting allows companies to actively advertise online job applications and engage with potential candidates. In today’s economy, everyone is a potential candidate, which means that companies need to make the most of these free recruiting resources.

Social media attracts more than just the Millennials. In fact, Generation X is becoming more active in social media too. To keep up with job seekers, recruiters must understand and utilize today’s modern social recruiting tactics.

The following highlights three things that companies should be actively engaging in on social media sites.

  1. Social Talent Brand – This includes highlighting a company’s values, mission and vision. This allows companies to attract qualified candidates at a mere fraction of previous recruiting costs. Companies should include their image – in photos, videos and words – across social media.
  2. Evangelize – Empower employees to praise the current culture, proclaiming what a great place it is to work. By offering corporate social media pages, this allows employees to share their experiences. In fact, surveys show that 65 percent of potential applicants consider a new job if they hear about it from a personal connection. Corporate social media sites make this possible.
  3. Positive Exposure – Companies should be celebrating positive experiences, highlighting that employees thrive in their corporate environment. This helps attract great potential employees.

Social media makes it possible for companies to highlight online job applications and accept job applications, which helps make the hiring process smooth and less stressful. This also allows companies to retain resumes for future openings.

Learn more about the benefits of social media recruiting.

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