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The Gut Instinct

Imagine yourself back in high school.  You walk into a new class, sit down and meet the teacher for the first time. How long does it take you to figure out if you will like this teacher, get along with this teacher, or perhaps have the most tortuous semester known to man?

Even at a young age, your gut instinct tells you things, and it tells you lightning fast.  You will literally know in seconds whether someone rubs you the wrong way.

This same principle in a classroom applies to your job applicants.  You may get the most qualified applicant in the world on paper.  You have a great phone interview and think this person could be “the one.”  You have a face to face interview and when you meet them, you get that little twitchy feeling in your gut that tells you to run like the dickens.

Don’t ignore the twitchy feeling.

A hiring manager in a call center was desperate for warm bodies.  It was a busy season and they needed help.  The applications poured in and one man in particular had stellar experience and seemed to fit the bill.  During the face to face interview, the interviewee would not make eye contact and seemed a little nervous and scared.

The hiring manager got the twitchy feeling in her gut, but hired the man any way because he was a well-qualified warm body.

Long story short.  The man worked a few weeks and then repeatedly no-showed.  The manager couldn’t reach him on the phone and couldn’t find him.  A few days later, the man’s picture was in the newspaper, and it turns out, he was part of a major shoplifting ring in the area.

Don’t ignore the twitchy. 

It will protect you and help you every single time in your hiring.