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The Importance of Human Resources

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Human resources departments are important to businesses. They help aid the flow of communication and give employees an outlet for expressing their frustrations. However, a poorly managed human resources department can become a business’ worst nightmare. Let’s explore the importance of human resources departments.

My brother-in-law works for a public agency that employs approximately 300 people. Recently, he had some issues with a co-worker not doing his job and showing up late, which was carrying over into my brother-in-law’s workload.

Following the steps provided by managers and human resources, my brother-in-law made a formal complaint to his direct supervisor. Unfortunately, the supervisor failed to notify human resources of the complaint and furthermore, did not follow through with any disciplinary action towards the co-worker.

I asked my brother-in-law about the agency’s human resources department and he said it was virtually non-existent. The agency has a written company manual about reporting issues to supervisors, human resources and the necessary action that should follow. However, due to cutbacks the human resources department did not enforce their rules and failed to provide necessary manager training.

As experienced human resources managers know, not complying with a businesses’ manual is a legal liability. The reason companies have written policies is to assign responsibility to management to address problem employees.

Unfortunately, since my brother-in-law’s manager did not address the issues with his co-worker, there is now tension at work. Ultimately, this leads to employee frustration, which can cause companies to lose good employees as they begin looking for more rewarding job fulfillment.

The bottom line is that companies need to follow through with problem employees. If not addressed, these employees can easily poison an entire company, causing other workers to become too lax or simply unmotivated. This is an essential component to a company that works well and places value on the importance of human resources departments.

Ninja Gig helps human resources departments find the most qualified candidates for jobs. They offer a customizable employment application that features detailed questions. This can include situational questions, those related to previous employment or simply skill-set questions. Based on the answers received, human resources can easily eliminate unqualified candidates.

Companies have no risk when signing up for Ninja Gig. We feature a complimentary 14-day free trial, which means there are zero risks trying our system. We do not have any contracts and employers can cancel with us at any time.

Businesses are given their own website portal, which makes it easy for applicants to complete the application. This makes it simple to share job openings on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

An intelligent workplace and excellent management yield productive revenues, helping companies grow towards their workplace goals. Ninja Gig is committed to helping human resources departments run smoothly and efficiently.

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