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Job Description
The 12-100 Coffee and Communitas Team is looking for employees that LOVE Coffee, Tea, and People!! We excel at Customer Service in our unconventional Artisan Coffee and Tea House.
We don’t offer Drive-Up service but we do offer quality Slow Bar creations in an atmosphere that fosters Community and Relationship.
Our vision is creating community, offer a welcoming environment for people to spend time together, enjoy coffee with fellowship, and take a rest from their busy day.
We are currently seeking friendly, intelligent, hard-working, customer oriented people to join our Team.

Though we would love for you to have coffee/barista experience, we also very much believe in ongoing training. We will provide an Advanced Training Module Certification upon hiring our new team member. It will comprehensive and inclusive of espresso preparation and coffee/tea knowledge. So although some barista experience is beneficial, you don't have to be a zen barista master... yet. We just ask you have a heart for people, and are open and willing to learn. We take pride in our quality craftsmanship and procedures and we will train the right person accordingly.
Applicants should have a flexible schedule and be available to work at least 3-5 shifts a week (including weekends), 20-35+ hrs/week.

The position we are currently hiring for is not for everyone. Please read the following requirements closely.
Hiring Requirements:
Our Team is seeking genuinely cheerful, optimistic, extroverted and friendly applicants. Our dedication to customer service surpasses even our dedication to great products (which is serious indeed).
You will be expected to greet customers aloud and make friendly conversation with strangers.
Early mornings and Caffeine go hand-in-hand. Are you a morning person? If so, we NEED you!
Not all our shifts are super early ones, but a lot of them are.

Can you be on your feet for long stretches?
Are you dependable?
Can your co-workers rely on you?

Can you take responsibility for your work?
Do you excel under pressure; Do you enjoy a challenge?
Do you take pride in a job well done? Even the not-so-glamorous jobs, like scrubbing out coffee urns, and cleaning the bathroom?

Are you inventive, creative, artistic?
Are you willing to work flexible hours?
We strive for consistency of schedule but realistically this position will require some evenings and weekends.

Can you commit?
We strive for employee retention. To support you, we are confident you will find our Training Module Certification to be informative, supportive and worthwhile.

Want to join us? Apply within! We look forward to meeting you!

Barista Responsibilities Include:
Barista is responsible for providing customer service to clientele in a professional, timely, efficient, friendly manner.
Customer service includes(but is not limited to): receiving customer orders, producing requested item(s), facilitating customer purchase of store goods, and offering guidance and education to clientele with respect to coffee and tea items.
A barista will also fulfill any task assigned by the General Manager, Manager or Lead.

Requirements and Qualifications:
• Entry level position.
• Well organized, groomed and attention-to-detail.
• Excellent verbal and communication skills.
• Required to work in an open-air kitchen, providing both direct customer service and food service.
• Must be at least 16 years old, unless appropriate State of AK work permit.
• Required to handle hot food and beverages.
• Required to operate kitchen features such as Panini Grill, Microwave Oven, Toaster Oven, Vitamix Blender, Espresso Machine and Dishwashing Machine.
• Required to stand, walk and be mobile during workshift.
• Required to talk and hear to effectively communicate to other employees and clientele.
• Physically required to lift, reach and move arms and hands.
• Required to lift and move items up to 30 pounds.

About 12100 Coffee and Communitas
Our Coffee and Tea Vision -
Great coffees have stories to tell. They come from beautiful, exciting and exotic places. They are grown, picked and processed in interesting and unique ways. All of this agriculture is accomplished by skilled artisans using a lifetime, often several lifetimes, of experience. We believe that these nuances receive their best chance to shine when they are offered in coffee roasted light to medium by, yet another, skilled artisan. This comparably light roasting allows the fruitiness of our beans to shine. While it's true that even the worst of beans can be roasted dark enough to give a bold, "roasty" flavor, only the best of beans possess the inherent depth to shine in more controlled roasting. This delivers the true flavor of the coffee and our friends at Black Cup Coffee truly excel in this area. The final group of artisans, our professionally trained baristas, offer the very best in coffee house experiences.
Our Coffee standards are set by the classic definition of words like "Cappuccino" and "Latte." This leads to a few minor differences in our shop. First, we offer Lattes and Cappuccinos in 12 and 16 ounces, classically the proportions of steamed milk and coffee work best in theses sizes. Second, we steam our milk to 140 degrees as hotter milk produces a scalded taste that pairs poorly with coffee. Third, we offer lots of unique and interesting ways to brew your favorite coffee. Sound pretentious? We hope not and we won't treat you pretentiously, we promise. We want to serve great coffee - that means coffee you like. Like your milk screaming hot? Let us know - We can do that. Do you prefer a dark roast coffee? We stock traditional darker roasts as well. Really just love brewed, black coffee? We make that fresh all day. Just let us know your preferences. Are you interested in trying something new? Ask our friendly, knowledgable baristas what they are excited about this week.
Are you more of a tea person? You'll love the more than 20 hand blended, loose leaf teas selected from the diverse stocks of our local partner Summit Spice and Tea. We brew our teas at the perfect temperature and steeping time to accompany their level of fermentation and offer tea by the cup, small pot or large, sharable pot. All our baristas are carefully trained by Summit Spice and Tea staff to assure you a truly excellent "cuppa."
After all You, our community, are the final and most important part of our vision...

Our Community Vision -
When 12-100 Coffee and Communitas was designed our driving focus was to build a space that was central to the south Anchorage community we exist within. We included meeting rooms and classrooms so that we could offer a space for our community to come together. Our rental rooms seat 25 and 40 and serve everything from business classes to art shows. Our free community-use classrooms seat 10 and 15 and are perfect for your study, game or discussion group. Our desire was to make sure that our community is well served by our facility. We look forward to continuing partnerships with you. We want 12-100 to be a welcoming environment to our fellow community members regardless of their background. This leads us to the only thing we avoid: We do our very best not to host events that might be divisive to our community. This means we don't host open political events or protest demonstrations. We might agree with you, we might disagree, it's really not a matter of political persuasion, we reserve all of our relational currency for the one issue we are passionate about...

Our Christian Faith
12-100 is owned, operated by and supported daily by Rabbit Creek Community Church. We built this space to have a chance to share in a conversation that includes the truth that God loves you, He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for you. He has a great and personal plan for your life. This means we are passionate about loving you like Jesus does. We think this translates to excellent customer service, passionate care for the farmers who provide our coffee, open arms to our brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of church affiliation, and genuine care for all without regard to faith or church affiliation. We host events for our sister churches who are working to care for our community without charge. We welcome children like our Savior does, even the loud ones, and we are passionate about creating an experience that includes rather than one that excludes. Don't share our faith? We promise, you won't feel awkward here.
We're a coffee shop - one we think you're gonna love.

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Posted on February 4, 2013 at 8:04 am
Clean up your social media and get a job!
In a recent poll, 18 percent of employers reported finding content on social networking sites that caused them to hire or not hire a candidate.
Posted on February 4, 2013 at 8:04 am
Clean up your social media and get a job!
In a recent poll, 18 percent of employers reported finding content on social networking sites that caused them to hire or not hire a candidate.
Posted on February 4, 2013 at 8:04 am
Clean up your social media and get a job!
In a recent poll, 18 percent of employers reported finding content on social networking sites that caused them to hire or not hire a candidate.
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