Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included?

Here's what you get with your account:

  • Your own website portal
  • The ability to post unlimited job applications online
  • The ability to receive unlimited employment applications
  • Completely customizable employment application with unlimited fields & no limit on length
  • QR Code (those funky looking barcodes)
  • A TinyURL link for your website
  • A secure login to our applicant tracking system where you can review and organize all received applications, manage job openings, etc.

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Why is Ninja Gig only $49?

Our competition charges between $60 - $300/month, or more! We decided long ago that we wanted our software to be usable AND affordable by companies of all sizes. The reason our price is so much less than the competition is that we feel a higher fee alienates many of the very customers we want to serve.

What is job board integration?

We automatically publish all of your enabled jobs to many of the top job boards including job posting on Indeed, Monster, Google Jobs, and more. You can turn this feature on and off at will, per job. Not only does this integration save you money on additional advertising costs, but it also saves you a ton of time, as you only have to create your jobs in one place, and we do the rest!

Can resumes be uploaded?

Of course. The application includes the ability for resumes and/or cover letters to be attached to the application. When the application is completed, you are emailed the application including the resume and/or cover letter the applicant attached. You can also view these attachments at any time from within your Ninja Gig portal.

How do I know when a new application has been completed?

We e-mail you every time an application is received. Then, you just login to the applicant tracking system to view/organize the new application.

What happens after an applicant finishes?

The applicant is given a friendly "thank you" message on the screen and sent a "thank you for applying" email. You are immediately emailed the complete application, and the application is saved in your control panel for later viewing.

How do I cancel?

Just login to your account and use the cancel option. If you don't see the option on your profile page your account is already canceled.

Refund Policy

Because we offer a free trial of our job posting software, we feel like you have the time you need to review our software before you pay for it. As such, we do not currently give refunds should you choose to cancel.

Do I need my own website to use Ninja Gig?

No. As part of your registration, you will automatically get your own Ninja Gig portal. We let you choose your own domain name ( and you will use that link to point applicants in the right direction.

What link will I use?

We let you choose your own domain name ( and you will use that domain name on your website and other on-line job postings to point applicants in the right direction. The simplicity of an domain name makes remembering much easier for your applicants.

How many applications can I receive?

We do not limit the number of applications you can receive from our software. Whether you receive 1 or 1,000 applications, the price is the same. Even if you only receive one application per month, our software is well worth the price to enable the on-line application process, while giving your company the tools you need to receive, track, and manage all current and previous applications.

Mobile employment applications?

Absolutely. We have enabled our software to make accepting employment applications from a mobile device a piece of cake. Mobile visitors will automatically be re-directed to a mobile-friendly website and still enjoy your fully-functional employment application.

Spanish applications?

Yes! Your Ninja Gig website is easily translatable into Spanish, which opens up the door for many more potential applicants. Also, if you require additional language support, we are happy to add those other languages, thanks to Google Translate.

How long do you keep the applications?

Indefinitely. We do not delete or otherwise archive applications you receive. You have an option in your control panel to delete applications, which is the only way applications are deleted.

Can I use Ninja Gig for job postings?

Sure. While our job posting software isn't specifically designed as a job posting service, our tools will enable you to create basic job openings with titles and descriptions.

If I cancel, can I still login and access my data?

Absolutely! If you cancel, your website portal is disabled and you are no longer able to accept job applications online, but you can still login to your account and access all your data and received applications. If your hiring needs change, you can simply login and renew your paid subscription to immediately re-activate your portal. This option makes Ninja Gig perfect for seasonal or temporary hiring needs.

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