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$39/month – Unlimited Use

Unlike most expensive job application sites
that charge fees per job posting, Ninja Gig offers UNLIMITED applications with no
hidden fees. Ninja Gig’s unlimited applications
are perfect for a wide variety of industries,
especially those with higher turnover rates.

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If you’re not fully satisfied with your
FREE TRIAL, you can cancel within 30 days
without any penalties or fees. We stand
behind our guarantee and let you cancel
at ANY time.

Easy to Use

Ninja Gig allows you to easily customize
your employment applications or use our
default application template. Additionally,
we don’t limit the number of application
questions, which makes it easy to customize
them for individual job openings.

Turn it Off or On

Need to pause your employment contract
due to seasonal employment lulls? It’s no
problem with Ninja Gig! We’ll allow you
to turn off your subscription as needed.

Make a Big Impression

Nearly 80% of job seekers look online
for jobs. Get noticed online and on
social media sites with Ninja Gig!

Reduce Paper, Save Time

Need to comply with federal or state application
retention requirements, while also reducing paper
waste? Ninja Gig allows you to conveniently store
your electronic job applications, download or
archive them. (This also makes applications
easier to search electronically.)

Free Job Board Syndication

Do you want to get your company’s job descriptions and applications noticed? Ninja Gig will help push your jobs directly to big job boards, including Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Google jobs, and more.

Ninja Gig is the ideal SOLUTION for companies of ALL SIZES that need to advertise job openings online on websites or social media channels. More than 80% of job seekers look online for jobs, and Ninja Gig makes it easy to implement these job applications without feeling overwhelmed. Many clients say that Ninja Gig has helped cut their recruiting time from hours to a few minutes!

Ninja Gig also makes it easy for seasonal employers to conveniently and cost-effectively turn their subscriptions on, off or pause them based on their needs. Ninja Gig’s straightforward, simple application process helps to attract QUALIFIED CANDIDATES with its USER-FRIENDLY interface, which helps set it apart from the competition. Ninja Gig works, won’t break your budget, reduces paper and helps keep you in compliance with state and federal application retention requirements. As a bonus, Ninja Gig offers UNLIMITED JOB APPLICATIONS and free job syndication. Don’t wait ... see how Ninja Gig can simplify your online employment recruitment and hiring process today!

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