Sushi chef

Job Description

Prepares raw fish in an appropriate manner
Manages storage of fruits, vegetables, and meat such as crab, eel, salmon, and tuna
Monitors inventory of supplies
Handles restocking of ingredients
Ensures adherence to highest quality food preparation and hygiene standards
PreparaciĆ³n de variedades de sushi, y manejar inventario. No necesita hablar ingles.

Type: Other
Pay: $17.00 to $22.00 per HOUR

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Seventeen Restaurant & Sushi Bar

17 Restaurant and Sushi Bar is a family owned and operated Kosher restaurant with a commitment to serving Chevolov Yisroel kosher food under the supervision of a Mashgiach. We believe in respecting values and traditions, while introducing new, creative flavors and ideas, such as our own twist on classics, using all-kosher seafood.

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