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LOOKING FOR AN HR PROFESSIONAL FT or Steady PT work (see below)

We are a NEW company that recently move to Allentown and are not happy with the people that staffing agencies are sending us (basically anyone who walks thru the door - they are doing no vetting nor looking at our requirements (i.e. sending us janitors that have never cleaned)).

We are looking to staff up our factory with 100 - 150 people and then a night shift with 20-30 people and a few team leaders to boot (we already have 75 people on staff). We are hoping to do more thinking about the people we are hiring and not just hire anyone that walks thru the proverbial door.

Why are they applying.

Are they the right fit.

How do we make them successful.

What set of rules do we need to set down.

Once we are staffed, we then need typically HR stuff - Speaking with people who come late - Setting up a success plan, point systems, production incentives, etc.

This MIGHT be a great job for an HR professional that is returning to work or newly retried that still looking for something to keep them busy - Once we stabilize our ship I suspect that this position will allow for some at work (remote working).

Let me know of your interest in this position by filling out the online application and then we can talk to see if we are a fit.

Thank you.

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