Security Personnel

Job Description

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (other duties may be assigned)
When acting as a Security Officer (Must be in full security officers uniform):

• Must adhere to all aspects of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program and its regulations including,
but not limited to, Title 31 Cash Transactions, Suspicious Activity Reporting and Customer
Identification requirements.
• Ensures the integrity of gambling, banking, count room and cash handling procedures.
• Maintains a constant surveillance throughout the Casino watching for irregularities or illegal gaming
• Immediately reports suspicious or unusual activities to the proper Dept. Supervisor, Surveillance
Officer or Security Director.
• Periodically checks perimeter and cash cage door.
• Delivers fills/credits from cage to gaming stations.
• Escorts all chips and cash transfers within the Casino.
• Collects and transports table game drop boxes to storage area.
• Assists in monitoring traffic as required.
• Maintains and controls access to restricted areas.
• Checks ID for possible underage customers.
• Responsible for opening outer door of ATM machine for fills.
• Provide security for Cash Cage and Count Room.
• Works with local police, fire or emergency medical teams as necessary.
• Protects Casino assets.
• Accepts found property and tags for safekeeping, accepts found or confiscated drugs and tags for
• Assists in locating lost property, files report if not found.
• Fosters and maintains positive player/house relations. Accepts, records, and notifies management of
guest or employee complaints.
• Removes individuals from Casino when directed by the General Manager or Security
• Responsible for keeping Key Records and issuing sensitive keys.
• Patrols the Casino area for undesirable guests.
• Handles all other Security functions as directed.

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