Lift Distributors

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About Lift Distributors
We are one of the most progressive independent marketing and distribution experts of mobile wireless consumer products in the U.S. Our mission is to identify persons who qualify for a FREE SMARTPHONE by participating in one of a number of government assistance programs such as: ·Medicaid, ·Food Stamps, ·WIC, ·Section 8, and ·SSI .

This program provides a COMPLETELY FREE Smartphone with talk, text and high speed data service every month w/ renewable yearly certification.

We are looking for New Team Operators in Oklahoma and California; Managers, Team Coordinators and Processing Agents to join us right away! Performance Pay, Recruiting Bonuses, Weekly and Daily Incentives, Professional Collateral, Professional Team Support, All The Way... to the TOP!

Become part of our team and "START GENERATING INCOME with HIGH PAYOUTS!"