B2B E-Commerce Data Associate

Job Description

The B2B E-Commerce Data Associate will report to the Vice President of Global Sales and is an integral part of the Customer Service team. The B2B E-Commerce Associate will be instrumental in supporting our B2B E-Commerce customers such as Perigold, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.com. The work includes organizing and supplying data, photography, copy, and other assets to our B2BE-Commerce customers to ensure the accurate representation of the Matouk brand and to drive online sales.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

Account Data Management:
-Ongoing Data Coordination:
*Complete Ingestion Worksheets to each account for data upload.
*Review and understand best practices and make recommendations to upstream services like copywriting, photography, etc. to ensure product listings comply with brand best practices.
*Provide accounts with Photography assets: Lifestyle, Silo and Swatch photography.
*Provide accounts with descriptive and romance copy for all products.
*Design and manage best practices for optimizing product listings/pages to improve sell-through.
*UPC report/management.
*Review all above regularly for ongoing accuracy/ changes.

-Act as Liaison between Sales, Data Entry, Marketing and Creative Services to ensure data and assets are ready and available to the customer
-Research any inventory feed issues; manage feed
-Manage product listings to increase rankings and improve customer experience
-Continuous improvement of current listings (description, images, prices, product specs, customer questions, etc.)
-Manage extranet (For accounts with extranet):
-Provide all above items under Data Coordination through Extranet
-Attend any account-specific seminars to ensure up-to-date knowledge on account data needs

-Provide B2B Ecommerce Channel reporting as needed utilizing Salesforce, Customer Reports.
-Review of Out of Stock reporting to identify any discrepancies and inform Planning Team
-Review account report cards to identify areas of opportunity
-Provide Open Order Reports as necessary
-Ship Report

Product Sample Coordination upon request from customer


-A minimum of 3 years experience with 3rd party e-Commerce content and data management
-Proficient in Microsoft Suite (Excel, Powerpoint) including in depth working experience with large datasets and Excel functions & tools including but not limited to Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, Index Match etc.
-Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Slides).
-Salesforce experience a plus
-Excellent time management skills
-Prompt & professional follow up both internally & externally is a must

-Strong understanding of order fulfillment strategies & dropship
-Experience working directly with vendors to design and iterate on products

Type: Full-time

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Matouk is a leading maker of finely crafted luxury linens and home accessories for passionate and discerning consumers around the world. Headquartered in Fall River, MA, Matouk strives to create beautiful, rich quality products with exceptional service and lifestyle fulfillment. It takes great pride in providing exemplary environments, experiences and services to employees, vendors and customers.

Beliefs in Action

OUR PURPOSE is to enrich the lives of our customers and their families by
creating the most beautiful and beloved collection of bed and bath linens.

The following core beliefs reinforce our purpose and define the values
and actions of our colleagues in our everyday work.

WE BELIEVE that a promise from Matouk to our customers is included with each and
every product that we sell. Everything we produce will meet the highest standards for
excellence in quality and design. We will always select the best materials and utilize
the optimal manufacturing techniques. And each customer who buys a Matouk
product will be valued, listened to and given the best long-term experience possible.

WE BELIEVE in a company that takes care of its employees and employees who
take care of the company and each other. We treat our co-workers as individuals and
consider employee impact in all of our business decisions. Matouk workplaces will be
environments where productivity lives in harmony with creativity, trust, safety and
comfort. We will work with a sense of profound commitment to the company’s
purpose while dedicating equal spirit towards bringing out the best in one another.

WE BELIEVE in mutually beneficial relationships with all of our business partners.
Our interactions with suppliers, distributors, and retailers are characterized by
fairness, honesty, and respect. We seek out partners with whom we share vision and
values. Our employees are committed to business practices that result in shared
success for all.

WE BELIEVE that creative thinking and innovation will guide us to a future of
success and growth. We foster a creative environment in our workplaces and nurture
a creative mindset in our employees. We encourage innovative approaches to
problem solving at every level of the organization. While we honor our heritage and
the greatest legacies of our past, we simultaneously embrace the changes required
to maintain leadership and competitiveness in the future.

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