F/T Porter Custodian w/Driver License and basic Carpentry skills

Job Description

F/T Porter Custodian w/Driver License and basic Carpentry skills

We are looking for an "All-Around Person" who can help us with multiple tasks. The main duties will be custodial work, meaning thorough cleaning of the facility every day as well as, other duties assigned as needed.

This is a FULL TIME very stable position starting at 7:00 AM. This is a STABLE 40 HOUR a WEEK position. NOTE: Schedule can be altered slightly for the right person

General/Required Duties
• Must have prior maintenance and custodial experience.
• You will clean washbasins and toilets, replenish restroom items.
• Clean the mirrors, and doors and restroom fixtures.
• Mopping: Wet Mop and Dry Mop office floors, restrooms, kitchen, corridors and heavy traffic areas.
• Vacuum and clean rugs, carpets and upholstered office furniture.
• Scrubbing floors with an electric machine to wax and polish floors.
• Empty wastebaskets.
• Wipes desks, bookcases and glass fixtures.
• Washes and/or wipes the walls with a brush or duster.
• Cleans small kitchen and/or coffee areas.
• Dusts and cleans window coverings such as blinds.
• Put-up safety warnings for wet areas for limited access during cleaning.
• Shovels snow for our sidewalks.

Additional Duties
• Must have a Clean Driver's License to occasionally make small deliveries/pick up's (i.e. to the post office, bank, Lowes and other local businesses).
• Basic computer experience required, to occasionally Set-up a Computer or Printer.
• Basic carpentry skills to help build/fix/ secure, etc items as needed.
• Help move items around the factory as needed and keep the facility organized.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Ability to follow Supervisors directions and follow a detailed daily checklist
• Prior experience in the duties listed above
• Maintain a friendly and professional attitude at all times
• Clean Driver's License
• Ability to Communicate Clearly in English
• Must be able to lift 50lbs

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