Assistant Manager

Job Description

The Assistant Manager helps cultivate a team environment that provides exceptional customer service while ensuring all staff members perform at a consistently high level. The Assistant Manager assists the General Manager in all aspects of center operations and floor management, including entertainment, food, beverage, equipment, and property, to facilitate the fulfillment of financial goals and company initiatives. In the General Manager’s absence, the Assistant Manager assumes responsibility for center operations.
Characteristic duties and responsibilities include:
• Set a professional example in attitude, business like appearance and work habits
• Provide functional supervision of approximately 15-20 employees; assist with training, delegate work, and monitor progress
• Promotes positive employee relations including effective delegation of duties, fostering high staff morale, collaborating successfully with the entire management team.
• Participate in outside promotional work to various groups and businesses within the community. Implements corporate sales promotion programs, and develops and implements local sales promotions in the facility.
• Develops and maintains league business through effective relationships with league bowlers/officers, adherence to league formats, distribution of announcements of league activities, and the management of other related administrative duties
• Assist in the operation of the control desk
• Contribute during meetings; provide input and suggestions to management as problems are identified
• Proactively builds customer relations through soliciting feedback and addressing and resolving customer complaints. Schedules staffing levels to appropriately meet the needs of the business and maximize the customer experience.
• Become knowledgeable of all center positions and procedures; call in additional staff or fill in when others are absent
• Assist in the recruiting/hiring process
• Communicate with the Manager on a regular basis regarding questions or problems

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Rollhouse Entertainment

We consider everyone who comes through our doors guests at Our House, so giving you the very best time is what we care most about. So whether you are making memories with your kids, getting out for a much needed date night or sharing a beer or glass of wine with those who raised you – RollHouse is your home away from home. We have created an employee empowered environment based on trust and honesty. We currently have 7 locations and adding more quickly! Plenty of room for advancement. Lots of employee recognition. If this fits who you are, please apply.

Our purpose Statement:
Our purpose is to make every guest happy. We not only engage in charitable giving, but practice solidarity with every human. We thrive to treat every human being with dignity and respect, the way we all want to be treated. We are here to help each other learn, grow and succeed. Our employees and owners are family, we will invest in all to build brighter futures for anyone that is with us. We are to produce the best job you ever left, and the best experience a guest will ever have. We use this guiding purpose to build the best league and recreational bowling entertainment company in the world!

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