Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) - Wabash

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School-Based Behavior Consultation

BHCOE-Accredited School-Based Behavior Consultation (SBBC) focuses on skill development & challenging behavior reduction for student success! SBBC provides Home & School-Based ABA therapy, Early Learners ABA Clinic for ages 2-6, and Comprehensive Behavior Support through Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation for adolescents, young adults, and beyond. SBBC is committed to helping those we serve “reach new heights” through the use of ABA & in collaboration with other specialists, school staff, caregivers, & the students we serve.

SBBC performs a variety of behavioral assessments, develops individualized behavior intervention & skill acquisition plans, collaborates with multidisciplinary teams, including caregivers, advocates for the greatest level of inclusion, & supports schools in providing a free & appropriate education (FAPE) for all students.

SBBC is student-oriented. Through the use of behavior-analytic methods, we place highest priority on equipping & empowering students to reach new heights in every setting they encounter!

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