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Hiring Professional Security Officers / D license - AVENTURA
Miami, FL 33144
18 days ago
Hiring Professional Security Officers / D license - DOWNTOWN
Miami, FL 33144
29 days ago
Hiring Professional Security Officers / D license - HIALEAH
18 days ago
16 days ago
Miami, FL 33144
18 days ago

The South Florida Security Group is one of the best security companies in Florida. We only hire knowledgeable and vigilant security guards who have presence of mind and are capable of acting on the spot, especially when someone wants to damage or steal from your property.

Our security guards have undergone stringent training curriculums. This is to make sure they are always on guard and ready to face whatever threatens your property. They are willing to undergo extreme measures just to provide protection and security to you and your belongings.

We offer a range of security services that suit your needs. We can offer you services to reduce theft and vandalism on your merchandise. We also offer a way to secure your company, facilities or your office. Planning to do an event? We can provide you with Event Security to control crowds in big events or gatherings.

If you are looking to transport some valuable items or art work, we can also be of help. We also protect lots of space, by offering our mobile patrol service.
How about keeping the most valuable aspect in your life safe? Yes, we are talking about your FAMILY. We can help you with that too. We have made it our passion to keep families safe in their homes, both day and night. So, you can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on work.

With our competent security guards, you know you’re in good hands. We have knowledgeable personnel who have attention to detail. We also give total importance for your property and your privacy. We know what it means to value something, and we will do our job and take care of what you value most.

Are you worried that our security guards might attract too much attention? We have the answer to that. It is your choice whether you would want our security guards to be in uniform or just in civilian clothing. South Florida Security Group will provide you exactly the kind of private security that you need to go on with your life without worrying about how good your security arrangements are. We can be discreet if you want us to.

Punctuality is something we always consider. Our security guards always show up on time and make sure that our job is always completed.

Are you still unsure of what security offer to go for? Claim your free security analysis by filling out the form on the right. Let our experts determine what is needed to provide you with a maximum level of surveillance in your facility or property.

We are professionals, and our commitment to our work makes South Florida Security Group the best choice you can make, both for yourself and your family.