Assistant Controller

Job Description

We are a 12-year old mortgage origination and servicing company in the Orlando area servicing the U.S. We are licensed and audited, and we have an excellent reputation in the hard-asset lending industry. We also have several smaller affiliate companies in roofing, dock building and more. This position will assist in maintaining their books.

The office environment is relaxed but busy with a very flat organizational structure. You will be working side by side with the controller, principals, investors, and borrowers. As assistant controller you will report to the Controller. The mortgage company has been steadily growing at double digits for the past 7 years. The affiliates have been added in the last 2 years.

You must be a self-starter that does not need supervision. Reports must be accurate and timely. Inaccuracies and lateness will not be tolerated due to our reputation and desire for continued growth. The new assistant controller must be an excellent communicator. This position requires assisting in calls to borrowers to collect past due mortgage payments or arrange terms.


Must have a minimum of 3 years experience as an assistant controller or above.
Must have some formal education in accounting and related processes. An accounting degree is preferred but not necessary.
Must be proficient in MS Office – Excel & Word.
Must be proficient with Quickbooks Enterprise and Online.


This position is responsible for multiple sets of books. 90% of the work will be in one set of books.

Experience with Mortgage Office software will give a candidate a major advantage.

We offer a competitive compensation package, and a benefit package that is above the standard for this area.

Type: Full-time

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Secured Investment Lending Corp

Our mission is to provide secure residential real estate lending opportunities for investors seeking a higher rate of return in a vehicle that is properly collateralized. Licensed at the state and Federal levels, we simultaneously provide the credit-impaired borrower with experienced guidance and an appropriate solution to their funding requirements, and its lending protocols exceed all Federal and state regulations. We focus on borrowers who do not qualify for traditional mortgage lending channels due to short sale, foreclosure, or other credit impairment. Every borrower’s application and supporting documentation are rigorously reviewed. Every property is professionally inspected and appraised, assisting the borrower in securing an appropriate price and the note investor in establishing appropriate collateralization. A unique trust structure is utilized to ensure rapid and simple title transfer to the note holder in the event of default. By offering a solution that is prudently designed and mutually beneficial to borrower and lender, we have become a trusted provider of real estate lending solutions to individual and institutional investors and borrowers.

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