Instrument technician/pipefitter

Job Description

Currently firing multiple entry level Instrument technician/Pipe-fitter!!

Job duties:
• Fabricate, assemble, install, calibrate, repair, test and inspect gas flow devices and
industrial piping
• Assemble, install and calibrate pneumatic and electric actuated control valves, and perform
general piping connections
• Pressure test flow and monitoring device assemblies and to ensure the proper and safe
operation of the equipment;
• Install or remove both field and panel mounted equipment;
• Work with analytic computer software, calculators, voltage and current meters, and
electronic probes in order to diagnose faults in circuitry.
• Must have the ability to read equipment prints, secure information from OEM manuals, and
proficiency with measurement tools.
3 years of manufacturing, refinery, or power plant maintenance experience as an
instrument mechanic/technician.
Must be able to read, write, and speak English.

•Position requires the ability to climb, bend, lift and perform a wide range of physical activities;
ability to work at various heights; entry into confined spaces; work in various adverse
weather conditions; ability to listen and follow instructions......,

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