Part-Time Office Flex

Job Description

Job Title: Part-Time Office Flex
Reports to: Operations Manager
Location: Arlington, Texas, 76011

This is a permanent, part-time position as an Office Flex.

We are in need of one person to serve in an office flex position 25 hours per week. Hours are 12 noon to 5 pm Monday-Friday.

The job is available to start immediately. This is a permanent, part-time position.

This is a perfect part-time job for a student, someone semi-retired, or a stay-at-home parent who would like to work on a limited basis. The job is primarily clerical in nature, but involves occasional light-duty work in the shipping department, and interaction with customers.

We train for the job. Comfort in working on computers is a must (we have Macintosh computers), and some experience working in database systems is a plus. Our experience has shown that people who are at ease doing data entry on computers do well.

The job requires a person who is detail oriented, a self-starter, and can manage his/her own time and tasks.

*Good Common Sense and ability to think on your feet.

*Being able to manage your own time and tasks and take initiative to solve problems in a professional, timely manner.

*The ability to lead by effective communication and working well with others. Communication with people throughout the company is essential.

*The ability to evaluate options and make decisions. We are a company that encourages our employees to use their best judgment and make decisions. Taking action is encouraged.

*Strong Work Ethic and organizational skills.

*Financial sense, Integrity, and an attitude of Goodwill toward others.

has shown us that the most successful people in this job are naturally adept at details. If details drive you crazy, then this job probably will too.

Depending on experience, the job pays hourly between $12 and $14 per hour.

The business consists of two divisions:

1. ACP International, the main company. Established in 1986, ACP manufactures signs, decals, and related products primarily for utility and pipeline companies. ACP sells broadly all over the USA, and a little bit internationally. Total annual sales for the ACP division are approximately $7,000,000. Website:

2. SA-SO, an independent division of ACP since its acquisition in 2009. SA-SO has operated continuously since 1948. SA-SO sells signs and safety products to municipal governments, campuses, and businesses all over the USA. In many ways, SA-SO is operated as a totally separate company, with sales of approximately $2,000,000. Website:

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ACP Int'l / SA-SO Signs & Safety

ACP / SA-SO is a small manufacturer of tags, signs and decals based in Arlington, Texas.
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