1st Shift - Polisher & Buffer

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At Alloy, we are always looking for passionate, motivated and proactive individuals to become a part of our winning team. We value people who are self-starters and problem solvers, love to work in culturally diverse teams, and are eager to learn and grow in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment.

We currently have an opening for Polisher & Buffer.

FUNCTION: Polish and de-burr parts. Performs shop assistance tasks as directed by Supervisor and required by workload.

1. Receives instructions from Supervisor
2. Reads routing for operation descripion, checks for proper part and quantity, and reviews Engineering drawings
3. For familiar work, selects proper machine or hand-held tool and sanding or polishing attachment as required
4. For unfamiliar work, consults supervisor or designated Class 07 Polisher & Buffer for instructions before starting job, or performs operation per routed instruction and has first piece inspected by Supervisor or designated instructor to use as sample
5. Polishes or deburrs by applying controlled pressure to part with proper hand-held tool
6. Lathe polishing requires a chucking part, activating lathe to rotate part and polishing with a hand-held tool
7. Check finish with Profilometer per work instruction
8. Change abrasives as necessary to attain finish per specifications
9. Determines when specified part finish has been achieved, visually by experience, or with use of Profilometer
10. Required to perform all finishing operations on all parts with instruction on unfamiliar ports only
11. Maintain a neat and orderly workstation at all times.
12. Perform all tasks in a safe manner and follow established rules of conduct.
13. Other duties as assigned.

• High school diploma or equivalent

Type: Full-time

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