Manufacturing Operations Manager

Job Description

FUNCTION:  Assist in monitoring process performance throughout production.


 ·       Develop key performance indicators shop-wide (department, operation, resource). 

·       Develop and improve processes. 

·       Lead the cost team on shipped jobs to identify pitfalls and necessary improvements.

·       Collaborate with the supervisor team to establish resources that improve time on operations.

·       Manage cost and time constraints on jobs to allocate all resources effectively to hit deadlines.

·       Work closely with Cost Accountant and Manufacturing Clerk on work order to add notes in effort to reduce rework. 

·       Develop and maintain a 3-to-5-year planning and budget plan. 

·       Design and plan equipment layout using schematic software while maintaining the layout on the production floor.

·       Help to establish and uphold safety procedures including a safety risk assessment program.

·       Help the supervisor team to develop and maintain a 5S program throughout all departments. 

·      Work with the engineering department on new resources to support company growth (i.e. automated welding, laser welding, etc.) 

  • Other duties as assigned.



·       Bachelor's degree in engineering 

·       1 to 4 years of related experience

·       Standard operating procedures experience

·       Process engineering software knowledge

Type: Full-time

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Alloy Products Corp

A leader in the fabrication of stainless steel and other alloys since 1929, Alloy Products Corp. consistently meets or exceeds the most rigorous industry standards.

Portable pressure vessels or fixed pressure vessels manufactured to ASME and UN specifications are used in a variety of sanitary, industrial and general purpose applications. The pressure vessels are constructed of stainless steel and other modern alloys. These pressure vessels are designed for dispensing, mixing or storing hazardous, corrosive, high purity or flammable products to 13.8 bar (200 psi).

Today, A-P-C continues to dedicate its resources to comply with ISO 9001:2015 world-class quality certification for producing trouble-free products and “to-spec” custom parts and components.

Few manufacturing facilities can match our superior craftsmanship and quality assurance in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of stainless steel pressure vessels and containers.

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