Job Description


This person has the primary responsibility of generating increased company revenues by promoting the products and services of the company to prospective customers, primarily by developing effective relationships with existing and potential referral sources (i.e. doctors, PT's, etc.).


High school diploma or equivalent
Minimum of one year in sales
Two years sales experience in HME/DME
Understanding of clinical aspects of sales
RESNA ATP Certification Required

Performance Requirements

Physical Demands – The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.
Work of medium physical demand, frequently requiring lifting and carrying items weighing up to 75 pounds. Frequent stooping and bending when handling equipment and supplies. Regularly requires sitting, standing or driving vehicles for extended periods of time.
Ability to withstand working in an open environment, where both heat and cold may be extreme.
Good fine motor dexterity and cognitive ability for driving and command of the senses to a level appropriate for driving and instruction to customers, including vision, hearing and speech.

Mental Demands - This job requires the ability to think quickly in response to both customer requests and customer complaints.
Fluency in English or English and Spanish (read, write and speak) is required as the overwhelming majority of customers and contacts communicate only in that (those) languages.
This person must be able to maintain sharp focus, be organized and meet objectives.
Ability to take measurements, calculate figures and amounts and to double-check those figures.

Essential Tasks

Sales Planning and Organization

Manage time and territory to maximize selling potential with customers.
Develop and follow a sales call cycle.
Work with management to formulate short and long-term sales action plans.
Achieve revenue, referral, and profitability goals established in conjunction with management.

Individual Patient-Customers And Sales

Provide excellent customer service, ensuring timely and on-going communication and quality service to all customers.
Assist clients, doctors, PT's etc. in finding equipment that best meets the individual needs in a timely manner.
Ensure that patient's equipment and supply needs are met by suggesting additional follow-up items relative to the patient’s diagnosis.

Customer Service and Professionalism

Work with the understanding that you are THE primary representative of our company to most of our customers. Offer compassionate and positive interactions with customers.
Resolve customer concerns and complaints in a constructive manner, serving as an intermediary between customer concerns and company policy.
Immediately investigate and resolve client problems concerning new equipment or about equipment in need of service, working to obtain 24 hour responsiveness or less in emergency situations.
Receive, investigate and respond quickly and professionally to all customer inquires regarding clinical effectiveness, shipments, products, deliveries and complaints. Resolve customer concerns and complaints by identifying problems and coordinating appropriate corrective action.
When customer problems and questions arise, be able to answer equipment and clinical questions to the customer’s satisfaction. Maintain accurate and complete documentation of complaints and resolutions.
Provide skillful handling of grieving, upset or difficult customers. Work proactively with patients/clients to solve a variety of problems, acting as a company field representative.
Maintain proper confidentiality at all times when answering inquiries.

Referral Contact

Maintain a professional relationship with clients, medical personnel, vendors and key referral sources. Act as a liaison between the company and the patient/client, family, caregiver, physician, and other healthcare agencies and staff on the case.
When providing services to clients of referral sources, maintain excellent communication with referral sources, keeping them abreast of equipment transactions and of any funding obstacles and follow-up, as appropriate.
When necessary, contact prescriber's office to clarify equipment and treatment orders.

Work closely with the clinicians, physicians and families to ensure the efficacy of the recommended equipment. Communicate with the patient's/client's physician on changes in condition and/or needs, recommend interventions, and monitor activities.
Make sales calls to existing customers/referrals in an organized manner each week and based upon goals agreed upon with management. These calls should maintain regular contact and promote company services in a professional and creative manner to targeted referral sources and their staffs.
Cultivate and encourage referral sources through ongoing education and good follow-up.
As appropriate, develop and maintain loan closets with referral sources.


Monitor marketplace for competitor activity, new physicians and service opportunities. Continually research health care community needs, products and services to create new revenue opportunities.
Seek out and contact new potential referral / customer sources for the company, in an organized manner each week and based upon goals agreed upon with management: Target hospital departments and discharge planners, physician offices, managed care organization, home health agencies, long-term care facilities, and case managers. Develop method for patient contact, identifying needs, concern, potential new business, and client satisfaction.
Communicate any new sales leads to other members of sales staff when those leads are not within your area or territory.

Education and In-services

Participate in educational and professional programs and/or review professional literature on an ongoing basis to maintain knowledge and competency in current and developing techniques, professional standards, and the products and serviced offered by our company.
Plan, develop and implement marketing action plans in cooperation with management and other appropriate colleagues for public relations through referral sources (CEU’s), trade shows, user groups and promotional events.
Propose, develop and provide community presentations, workshops, and seminars for both patients and referral sources specific to the products your company provides.
Attend and present to educational meetings and seminars for healthcare workers, patients/clients, families, caregivers, physicians, and interested community members on areas of need.
Arrange in-services for referral sources, working with management and appropriate organizations such as MED University to offer CEUs.
For all programs, create and maintain a database of attendees and consistently follow-up.

Product Information Resource

Act as a product information resource for both staff and clients. This includes periodic suggestions for updating product line. Stay on top of manufacturer’s new product introductions. .
Assist co-workers with product education and questions they have regarding equipment .
Work with other staff to develop educational materials and training for staff and referral sources.
Participate in educational meetings and seminars for healthcare workers, patients/clients, families, caregivers, physicians, and interested community members on areas of need .

Rules And Regulations

Comply with all applicable company policies, procedures, and patient protocols. .
Comply with all current government regulations and professional standards respecting patient care, including those of accrediting organizations.
Maintain knowledge of follow all policies and procedures regarding equipment repair as outlined in FDA, OSHA, DOT, accreditation and others policies and procedures.
Treat all information and data within the scope of the position with appropriate confidentiality and security and understand and adhere to all state and federally mandated standards regarding confidentiality and patient rights.

Type: Full-time

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