Training Quality Assurance Facilitator

Job Description

Minimum: High School diploma with at least three years relevant experience working with developmentally disabled person.

Preferred: Bachelor's degree in psychology, Sociology, Social Work, or another related field with QMRP status.

Skill Requirements: Leadership: Demonstrates commitment to the program's overall mission and values. Ability to located and access various generic and specialized community resources to promote innovative and comprehensive support services. Ability to utilize the guiding principles of person-centered planning to strive toward program goals. Ability to assist with supervision of support staff using a team approached. Displays management abilities through effective organization and personal time management. Demonstrates he or she can work independently.

Communication: Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing. Ability to build effective working relationships with agency staff, government officials, and the general public to insure individual participation in the community. Ability to work closely and competently with disabled persons and to be sensitive to their individual needs. Ability to present complex information to a variety of audiences.

Related knowledge: Ability to write, type, and implement individualized support plans. Ability to maintain accurate data collection for individual support plans and program service billing. Knowledge of Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver, OCDD and State licensing requirements a plus. Ability to train, guide and readvise staff as needed.

Technology: The abilities and knowledge needed to interact with computer-based technologies and perform technical tasks such as outlook, Digital Conferencing, Microsoft Word, Excel, and copying/scanning.

Have expertise in instructional design, learning principles, and talent management.


1. Designs and conducts training programs to enhance the skills and competencies of employees.
2. Assess training needs, develop training and deliver training sessions to improve workplace performance and align with the organization core values.
3. Identifying training needs by evaluating strengths and weaknesses.
4. Deliver group and individual instruction and training covering a range of technical, operation, and/or management areas in a specified field.
5. Maintain a training calendar to record all formal training and reoccurring training needs.
6. Perform other related duties as assigned.
7. Ensures employees' growth aligns with the organization goals.
8. Direct structured learning experiences and monitor their quality results.

Service Provision:
1. Acclimate new hires to the business and conduct training sessions.
2. Deliver and track training.
3. Assess training effectiveness to ensure incorporation of taught skills and techniques into employees work behavior.
4. Conducts a comprehensive personal profile/independent living assessment of interests, skills and support needs for each person coming into the program.
5. Participates in the Client Plan of Care (CPOC) Team to develop the Individual Support Plan for all assigned individuals, and in the review of the plan quarterly with no more than 90 days between visits.
6. Interview potential workers, ensure all data base checks are complete, arranges interview with individual and/or family and completes orientation.
7. Schedules support staff to ensure adequate coverage.
8. Assists with support services coordination through locating referral information for support, services and community resources and providing assistance or advice in obtaining them.
9.Provides back up for direct support staff as needed.
10. Works flexible schedule as needed.
11. Documents observations and maintains awareness of the general welfare and program satisfaction of assigned individuals.
12. Proofread billing progress notes weekly.
13. Complete weekly billing as needed.
14. Distribute notes and information to employees.
15. Conducts monthly health and safety inspections of assigned individuals' homes. Make in-person supervisory visit of each direct care worker within 60 days of hire and a least annually thereafter.
16. Make one contact per month with each individual, with at least one contact being face to face in the home with the individual.
17. Communicates concerns, grievances, and suggestions to the Program Director regarding individual support plans and program operations.
18. Stay abreast of new trends and tools in employee development.
19. Ability to be on-call and provide backup stagging as needed.

Quality Assurance

1. Able to describe the mission and vision of all programs within the agency to maintain individual and staff satisfaction while staying on a deadline.
2. Ability to monitor every aspect of each program and ensure services are being met per state regulation.
3. Ability to use evaluations to reveal and correct irregularities or issues.
4. Ability to ensure individuals are receiving the most appropriate and positive experience possible. It involves members from every part of the organization.

1. Monitor and maintains compliance with all Department of Health and Hospitals licensing requirements and Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver and other funding source regulations.
2. Monitors and maintains compliance with program mission, philosophy, policies, and procedures.
3. Maintains accurate consumer and program documentation/record- keeping in accordance with all licensing requirement s and all other applicable funding source regulation.
4. Maintains accurate program service billing records in accordance with agency procedures and all applicable funding source requirements.
5. Supervises all activities of direct support staff.
6.Provides quality assurance monitoring of service delivery consistent with the needs of the individuals, The Arc Baton Rouge policy and procedures and funding sources.
7. Serves s back up to direct support staff assisting with program delivery.
8. Complete schedules for homes, schedules and attend meetings, and facilitates staff meetings.
9. Assists with the assessment of staff development needs and coordination of on-going training.
10. Performs a performance evaluation of direct support staff (competency, 60 days, annually and or as needed.)
11. Provides technical assistance to direct support staff and quality assurance in the implementation of the support plan.
12. Assists direct support staff with resolving problems misunderstandings or concern regarding individual, consumer, family advocates and/or other support services.
13. Provides guidance and technical assistance to direct support staff to enhance efforts working toward individual's goals.
14. Attends conference, workshops, meetings, and in-service training as designated by the Program Director.
15. Carries out all other duties as designated by the Executive Director and Program Director.

Physical Requirements:
1. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
2. Ability to push, pull, resist up to 25 lbs.
3. Ability for prolong standing, sitting, bending, squatting.
4. Ability to assist individuals with personal hygiene.
5. Ability to assist with aggressive behaviors if necessary.
6. Ability to assist with feeding if necessary.

Type: Full-time

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The Arc Baton Rouge is a nonprofit United Way Agency that provides services for adults with developmental disabilities throughout the Greater Baton Rouge area since the 1950s. The Arc Baton Rouge is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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