Financial and Benefits Clerk

Job Description

General Function
To provide direct assistance to the men and women in the Supported Living Program regarding their finances, food stamps, and housing subsidies. To assist make them aware of their resources and to advise them of their available resources and to reflect the options and ramifications of with those options. To assist with check writing, balancing checkbooks, applying for food stamps and housing subsidies. To assist participants to maintain benefits at levels that meet the eligibility requirements of those particular benefits. To inform and advise team managers and residential directors and work directly with them to achieve the goals of the participants. To work directly with the relative governmental and banking representatives to achieve the goals and meet the needs of the participants.

• Highly ethical history
• Ability to read at a post-secondary level and operate accordingly.
• Ability to perform math skills necessary for the simple accounting of banking or other resource needs.
• Ability to maintain an accurate and up-to-date individual checking register and supporting receipts or documents.
• Ability to teach individuals with developmental disabilities, to offer information for decision making in a manner that each individual understands.
• Ability to problem solve.
• Ability to set up individualized tracking systems for financial, housing, and food stamps.
• Ability to work with others in management positively and collaboratively regarding the needs of the participants, including those regarding resources.
• Ability to work positively with governmental and financial institution agents relative to the needs of participants.
• Ability to work with family members of participants when appropriate regarding the needs of their sons or daughters.

ARCO, A COMMUNITY RESOURCE is a nonprofit United Way Agency that provides services for babies and adults with developmental disabilities and their families throughout northeast Louisiana since 1954.

If you chose not to apply for one of the positions listed on our website and have decided to submit a 'General Application' please know it will be reviewed to determine if you could be a candidate for current job openings.

All applicants must:

Be 21 years of age

Be able to provide current valid Driver's license

Have dependable transportation to use on the job.

Provide evidence of insurance, registration, and vehicle inspection

Meet ARCO insurable guidelines

6 Business References

3 Personal References

Be able to pass a complete background check, including those required by CMS

Be able to perform physical requirements of the job with or without reasonable accommodations.

*NOTE: As you begin this process please know that only applications which are filled out completely and accurately will be considered.

(A full Job Description and list of Essential Functions are available at ARCO's Human Resource Department, 900 N. 3rd St., Monroe, LA. ARCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.)

Type: Part-time

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ARCO, A Community Resource

ARCO is a nonprofit United Way Agency that provides services for babies and adults with developmental disabilities throughout Northeast Louisiana since 1954. ARCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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