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Aspen Technologies, INC.

Aspen Technologies Inc is a Tier 1 polyurethane foam manufacturer founded in 2003, and acquired by Angstrom Automotive Group in 2022, with locations in Brighton, MI and Manchester, TN. We specialize in polyurethane foam products that can be used in a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial, agricultural, and retail industries. Our staff has pioneered innovative foam applications for instrument panels, door systems, overhead systems, acoustical and many other interior and exterior products. We utilize the latest technologies and lean manufacturing processes to develop assembly operations that are cost effective and ergonomically efficient. We are always one step ahead in offering highly reliable products. We boost quality in manufacturing operations with high performing, precise, reliable and high-quality products and services. IATF Certified

Aspen's success would not be possible without the contribution of our customers and employees who, with their skills and their passion, give voice, shape, and reality to the future.
We look forward to continuing to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed customers’ expectations.

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