Sales Team Lead Position (Internal)

Job Description

Bradley Lead Group is dedicated to assisting employees reach their professional goals through internal opportunities. It is also the objective of Bradley Lead Group to assign each employee to a position that effectively utilizes the employee’s skill consistent with the overall company requirements.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Manage and develop a group of 8-16 sales representatives and direct their activities toward accomplishing team goals and objectives.
• Monitor team performance, coaching and uptraining
• Promote a sales culture that motivates employees and supports employee satisfaction
• Continually develop new strategies to optimize sales performance
• Understanding of metrics to help your team continue with growth and goals.

Job Expectations/Requirements:
• Strong working knowledge of computer and Microsoft, Call Center industry applications and methodologies. Human Resource policies and procedures.
• Demonstrated “Change” management ability.
• Ability to work effectively in a demanding, team orientated and fast past paced environment.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Employees may apply for this position, provided they meet the following eligibility requirements.
• Current job performance and meets expectation level
• Great Attendance and on-time
• Have held their current position for at least 1 year
• You’re not subjected to disciplinary action in the past year

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Bradley Lead Group LLC

Located in Westminster, CO, our company is focused on generating high quality leads through phone prospecting. We leverage our call center experience to deliver high quality leads to various industries ensuring a high quality sales experience,

We are constantly growing and always looking for a number of young entry levels reps to mold.

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