Summer Internship / Work Study Apprentice at Clearwater, NE

Job Description

Boyd's Electrical Service is offering an opportunity for students of a technical college, or those interested in electrical work, to work for us when their availability allows. This would typically be during the summer months when on summer break, and when the college program allows off campus work time. This is a part time paid position. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age by their first day of employment.

This opportunity will provide the student or individual the chance to work hands on with a well respected and diverse electrical contracting company. The student or individual has the potential to be exposed to everything from large three phase services, to IT networking. The student or individual would also become registered as an electrical apprentice, if not already registered, and would be working as an electrical apprentice.

Job Description - Internship/Work Study Apprentice Electrician
The Apprentice Electrician, working with an experienced Journeyman Electrician, will learn to install and maintain electrical systems in a safe and efficient manner, and according to the National Electrical Code. Position applicants must have a strong desire to grow as individuals, listen, and learn the electrical trade every day. Apprentice Electricians support the work on the jobsite through various means, and will be supervised daily by a Journeyman Electrician and company management. Successful applicants are not required to hold an Apprentice Registration at this time.

Requirements and Responsibilities (Ability or desire to learn):

-At least 18 years of age by the first day of employment
-Maintain a safe work environment, for yourself and those working with you
-Hold a valid Drivers License
-Ongoing willingness to listen and learn from other Apprentice Electricians and Journeyman Electricians
-Have ownership and a sense of pride in your work
-Operate power tools such as threaders, benders, tuggers, drills, etc.
-Operate excavating equipment such as trenchers, excavators, skidloaders, aerial lifts, etc.
-Measure, calculate, bend and thread metallic conduit
-Pull wire and cable through raceways, either manually or with tugging equipment
-Clean, retrieve tools or materials, and complete other tasks that enhance the safety and efficiency of the jobsite
-Lift up to and in excess of 75 pounds
-Ability to climb ladders, stairs, and scaffolds
-Terminate circuit and control wiring, from low voltage to 480 VAC
-Work indoors, and outdoors in varying weather conditions
-Work at heights, such as on top of a grain elevator
-Ability to work long hours as needed
-Travel to jobsites in the Nebraska area as needed
-Effectively and professionally communicate with the Journeyman Electrician, customer employees, and other company employees

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Boyd's Electrical Service, Inc.

Boyd's Electrical Service, Inc specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of electrical and automation systems for agricultural industry, general industry, municipalities, and government.

We are a recognized leader in electrical service and troubleshooting. We often receive calls to diagnose issues that our competitors have failed to resolve. Today, we maintain over 40 commercial grain elevators and 7 feed mills, as well as municipal power generation, water and waste water systems, feedlots, and hundreds of irrigation systems.

We work on a wide range of new projects, with electrical project values ranging from below $1,000, to well over $2,000,000.

Our services are utilized by a wide range of clients. We work for everybody, from local farmers and livestock producers, to the largest grain handling and processing corporations in the world.

In 2014, the company expanded further and a new business was created. Boyd's Network Solutions serves the IT networking, telephone, and video needs of customers throughout Nebraska.

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