Job Description

Performs a variety of general cleaning duties to include dusting high and low, scrubbing, wiping, mopping wet and dry floors, vacuuming and any other assigned cleaning duties.
Performs cleaning in a variety of areas including resident rooms, dining areas, kitchens, living rooms and other general living areas, hallways, stairwells, elevators, bathrooms, recreation areas, nursing stations, medication rooms, clean and soiled utility rooms, break rooms, offices and any other assigned areas.
Performs carpet care and resilient floor cleaning according to procedure and as assigned.
Mixes, labels, monitors and properly utilizes a variety of approved cleaning products.
Conducts specialized clean-up according to procedure and utilizes proper equipment such as blood spill and hazardous material clean-up.
Follows infection control procedures, including proper hand washing, trash/waste storage and disposal and wearing protective clothing and equipment when handling waste and cleaning agents.
Respects privacy, follows HIPPA requirements, only shares information on an as needed basis and always knocks on resident’s door before entering.

Type: Full-time

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Brooking Park

Day after day, and year after year, the dedication of our staff makes
Assisted Living, short- and long-term rehabilitation, and the respite care and
Memory Care Household at Brooking Park unique. Why? Because our amazing
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