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Position: Kitchen (Cook)

We are looking for a customer service-oriented individual to join our team as a phone order taker. The ideal candidate will possess excellent communication and multitasking skills. They should be able to take orders accurately and efficiently while exhibiting a friendly demeanor with all customers.

Cook duties:
- Preparing and cooking menu items according to recipes
- Ensuring proper preparation techniques are used to maintain quality standards
- Checking food for freshness and discarding expired or spoiled food items
- Monitoring stock levels of ingredients and supplies, completing orders when needed
- Adhering to safety guidelines in the kitchen and in food service areas
- Ensuring all equipment is used properly, maintained and cleaned on a regular basis
- Providing excellent customer service to guests
- Addressing customer complaints in a professional manner.
- Take Orders for Carry-out and Delivery (in person or over the phone

- Answering incoming phone calls promptly and courteously
- Taking accurate food orders and communicating them to the kitchen staff
- Addressing customer questions and concerns with a positive attitude
- Handling customer complaints and resolving issues
- Taking payments and processing transactions accurately
- Maintaining a clean and organized work area
- Assisting with any general tasks that may be required

- Previous experience in a customer service-related role preferred
- Excellent communication and active listening skills
- Ability to multitask and remain organized in a fast-paced environment
- Strong attention to detail
- Availability to work weekends and evenings as required

Relevant skills:
- Proven experience as a cook or other related cooking or kitchen worker
- Knowledge of proper food handling procedures, safety regulations and sanitation standards
- Ability to read and follow recipes and instructions accurately
- Flexibility in managing multiple tasks while meeting deadlines in a fast-paced environment

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills for interacting with guests.
- Ability to work as part of a team in a timely and efficient manner.
- Organizational skills to ensure kitchen runs smoothly, with no wasted time or resources.
- Attention to detail when preparing orders and selecting ingredients.
- High level of creativity in designing new recipes and menus.
- Ability to lift, move or transfer heavy objects or equipment.
- Knowledge of nutrition and dietary restrictions, including vegan, vegetarian and kosher diets.
- Working knowledge of food inventory management.
- Proven experience managing multiple orders at once while ensuring accuracy with each order.

If you enjoy working in a team-oriented, fast-paced environment and strive to provide excellent customer service, please submit your application to join our team!

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