Entry Level Marketing Management

Job Description

Entry Level Marketing Management position

Our marketing TEAM at Citi is one of the most hardworking, energetic, and goal-oriented organizations today. It’s difficult to grow a business on your own, but easier and quicker to grow with a supportive TEAM like Citi.

Our TEAM is passionate and motivated to help worldwide nonprofit organizations increase their brand awareness and exposure at hard times like today. This is a perfect role for someone whole loves working with people, helping one another, and is passionate about helping nonprofits.

We are seeking motivated entry-level young professionals to grow within our company and learn each step of a business and professional life. You will be learning how to work hand in hand with one of the biggest nonprofit organizations in a very dynamic mentorship program, with lots of growth opportunities in communication, marketing, management strategies, but most importantly your leadership skills.

Job role opportunities:
Business entrepreneurship environment
Networking Workshops
Dynamic and fun crew nights
Mastering communication skills
Nonprofit work opportunities
Create marketing campaigns with the TEAM.

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We have positions available in Miami and Orlando at the moment.

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