Experienced Bartenders

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.. are always interested in the new, innovative, and cutting-edge ideas.
.. are very enthusiastic about working with others.
.. are very optimistic.
.. would like to have an open door policy with peers and supervisors.
.. prefer an environment with plenty of people contact.
.. tend to naturally trust others and their ideas.
.. prefer a neat, clean and respectful work environment.
.. are an excellent team player.


.. work hard to create raving fans every single day.
.. are not afraid to make mistakes.
.. care more about your intelligence and values than your experience or past education.
.. are passionate about relationships formed around great food and drinks.
.. value overall employee culture and relationships above individual performance.

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De La Vega opened its first location in downtown DeLand, FL a little over a decade ago by a brother and a sister team who wanted to break out of the norm and bring to the town something a little different, a little daring. Lately, fueled by our guest’s enthusiasm, we have decided to open a second location (opening mid-February 2018) in the beautiful Oviedo on the Park! We are excited to announce we will have a great outdoor patio overlooking Center Lake Park. In addition to the menu favorites, Chef Nora De La Vega will create some new dishes with her unique twist on Latin cuisine. Also new to our menu is an array of flavored rum and tequila cocktails, that will add an entirely new spin on old-time spirits. As this new chapter in our life opens, we, now more than ever, appreciate our loyal customers and look forward to opening our hearts and doors to new ones. See you soon!

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