Metal Fabricator

Job Description

Job Description:
Under general supervision, receive assignments in the form of written instructions or verbal discussions and be fully responsible for all aspects of sign design, fabrication and installation. Have an extensive knowledge of the standard methods, materials and equipment used in a sign fabrication shop.
Meet management's shop productivity goals without sacrificing employee safety or the quality of finished product. Participate as needed in all aspects of sign design, fabrication and installation.
Recognize impending and immediate problems, analyze the situation, and ability to correct the problem efficiently.

Must have 2+ years in Welding and Fabrication.

Qualities/Skills Required

Dexterity: Metal fabricators work with their hands, whether directly manipulating components or using controls on an assembly machine.
Math: Basic math is needed due to the technological needs of many fabrication plants.
Mechanical/Technical Skills: Metal fabricators need to be able to read and understand blueprints, manuals, and work with computers, machines and motion-control robots to do their job.
Strength: Metal fabricators require strength to lift heavy objects during the fabrication/assembly process.
Stamina: Metal fabricators are on their feet for long periods of time often doing repetitive motions.
Able to build and install anything. A working knowledge of the structural, architectural and decoration components of interior and exterior illuminated and non-illuminated signage.
Communicate clearly, concisely and effectively with peers, supervisors and customers across verbal and written media
A willingness to recognize and implement cost saving / waste elimination opportunities

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