Experienced Marketing Copywriter

Job Description

You can work at home during your own hours. We are a flexible employer but we do expect candidates with strong organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines. This is an ideal position for stay-at-home moms, those who want some extra part-time work, etc.

Experienced copywriters wanted. Starting at $16-$18/hr. for ongoing, long-term contract work. Need to be available to work at least 20 hours/week.

We require a brief trial period and project. You should have the following skills:
* Excellent understanding of AP English, with strong working knowledge of Oxford English
* Ability to problem-solve and self-edit
* Experience writing blogs, product descriptions, creative ad copy and social media
* Preferably 2-4 years of writing experience or comparable education
* Must provide 3-5 published writing samples (links or documents)

Additionally, the candidate will be a self-starter, have the ability to self-manage and schedule.

Type: Contractor

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