Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Trainee | Class Start Date SOON

Job Description

We take pride in helping individuals achieve goals that will help them advance their career. Our free Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training classes offer the opportunity to start a career in the rewarding field of nursing in just four weeks. Haven Nursing Center's Nurse Aide training classes are approved by the Louisiana Department of Health - Health Standards Section.

Duties of a Certified Nurse Aide

• Attends to all resident personal hygiene and personal care needs, including but not limited to grooming, hygiene, dining and nutritional, mobility, elimination, psychosocial and safety needs.
• Organizes all supplies necessary to complete the tasks.
• Supports residents in self care, and provide care as necessary for those unable to care for their own needs.
• Follows universal precautions, proper infection control, sanitation and safety standards of practice in all work and activities
• Provides restorative therapy under the leadership of therapy professionals and in accordance with the resident’s functional maintenance plan
• Observes residents closely, identifying changing needs and conditions at first indication, and reports immediately to nursing or household leadership as appropriate
• Participates actively in the resident’s care planning and care conference, serving as the residents' closest advocate in directing their care and honoring their preferences
• Consistently works with all household team members, led by resident and family preference to meet the needs and desires of all household residents.

Class start date: SOON

Student Requirements:

• Minimum age 18 years old or older
• High School Diploma, GED, or approval of Director of Nursing
• Speak, Read and Write in English
• Ability to follow written and verbal instructions and work well with and show respect towards fellow staff members, physicians, residents and family members
• Caring and compassionate bedside manner
• Respect for residents’ privacy and rights; display of genuine concern for older adults
• Ability to perform tasks while upholding high standards of quality, cleanliness and kindness
• Physical endurance for frequent activity; ability to lift a minimum of 25 pounds
• Pass a statewide criminal background check
• Pass a national sex offender public registry check
• Student may not have any findings on the CNA or DSW registry

Cost: There is no charge to students for instruction time, textbooks, tests or retests.

Haven Employee: Every student is an employee of Haven Nursing Center. Students will be PAID for their time during training. The Nurse Aide Training program at Haven Nursing Center is for the sole benefit of the nursing home. It is the expectation that students successfully graduating from the Nurse Aide Training program will continue their employment at Haven Nursing Center as Nurse Aides. Only students that demonstrate the high level of excellence expected of all Haven employees will be allowed complete the program. A student may be terminated from the program and as an employee at any time during the program, up and until graduation. Upon completion of the program and certification, Haven Nursing Center reserves the right to schedule the graduate based upon needs of the facility. While it expected that graduates of the program continue their employment at Haven, continued employment is not guaranteed.

Curriculum Outline (not including orientation):

• Classroom instruction: 24 hours
• Skills/lab instruction: 16 hours
• Clinical instruction: 40 hours
• Total instruction time: 80 hours

Orientation hours: A minimum of 4 hours

Training Schedule:

• Orientation: minimum of 4 hours – time set by the instructor
• Classroom instruction: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:45 am – 4:15 pm
• Clinical instruction: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

Training Location: Have Nursing Center in Columbia, LA

Course Completion: Students must complete the training and test within 4 months of beginning the coursework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the programs located?

A: The programs take place at our buildings at Haven Nursing Center in Columbia, LA.

Q: Is the course really free?

A: Yes! Haven Nursing Center takes care of everything for you.

Q: When do the programs take place?

A: There are programs taking place throughout the year. The next class beginning date is scheduled for May 18, 2020.

Q: What time do the classes take place?

A: Most of our classes take place during the day. The current class schedule is referenced above.

Q: Do you need any certifications to attend the program?

A: No, prior experience is not required.

Q: How long does the program last?

A: The program typically lasts between 4-5 weeks. It consists of 40 hours of class time and 40 hours of clinical time.

Q: Can I work for Haven Nursing Center after I complete the program?

A: Yes! From Day 1, our training is designed to help you become an incredible CNA at Haven Nursing Center. We love hiring incredible CNAs for the residents that call Haven Nursing Center home.

Type: Full-time

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Haven Nursing Center, Inc.

Haven Nursing Center is a non-traditional, household model nursing home dedicated to providing quality care within a life-affirming, caring community. Haven Nursing Center, also, has a separate and distinct outpatient rehab clinic offering PT, OT & SP.

Haven Nursing Center is a 99-bed, licensed nursing facility. Founded in 1958, by Dr. Wren Causey, it continues to be family owned and operated.

Haven provides short term care and rehabilitation after surgery, injury stroke or debilitating illness. We provide a restful and caring environment, staffed with professional therapists in a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility. Our rehab gym offers a full range of therapy equipment, treatment areas and an in-ground swimming pool.

Our households feature carpeted floors and call systems that are intentionally designed to avoid the beeping and other intrusive sounds commonly found in hospitals and skilled care settings. Skilled and caring staff assist each of our clients while they recover strength and restore functioning.

Each short-term care room offers a bath and shower, TV with cable, and telephone. Our Household Model groups 16 bedrooms around a shared family-style kitchen, dining room and living room that are similar to those found in a private home and allow the residents a high degree of flexibility in how they choose to live their lives.

Residents who require ongoing skilled nursing care live in our Long Term Care households. The environment is welcoming and friendly. Floors are carpeted, and our monitoring and call systems are intentionally designed to avoid the beeping and other intrusive sounds that are common in hospitals and skilled care settings.

In Long Term Care, each household consists spacious bedrooms grouped around a shared family-style kitchen, small dining room and living room that are similar to those found in a private home and allow the residents a high degree of flexibility to set their own schedules for sleeping and waking, meal times and other activities.

The majority of rooms are private, with bathrooms and showers. Most households include one or more double room – ideal for couples, or those who would like to share a room. Cable TV is included. Phones are an available option.

Haven's long term care services are 100% Medicare and Medicaid certified. Our services include:

Nursing staff on duty 24-hours a day
Assistance with activities of daily living
Comprehensive care plan developed based on individual needs and preferences
Social services
Activities based on resident’s preferences and choices
Resident council meetings
Transportation for medical appointments
Rehabilitation Services
Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services are available to our Long Term Care residents through our in-house rehab department.

Our long term residents are assisted with many types of weekly exercises to retain their strength and mobility, providing each resident the tools needed to maximize his or her potential for maintaining personal independence and dignity.

Hospice services, provided by a contracted provider, are available for Haven residents.

Haven Nursing Center has adopted the household model of living for all of our Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care communities.

The household model reflects a progressive and transformative approach to delivering services to older adults. The model is thoughtfully based on person-directed values and practices that consider and respect the voices of seniors and their caregivers. These principles include choice, dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living.

Each household has decision-making autonomy and is consistently staffed. Residents get up when they want, bathe how and when they want, go to bed when they want, eat when and what they want and decide how they will spend their day. Household life is “normal,” spontaneous and full of new experiences.

Each household features 16 - 25 rooms with a shared family-style kitchen, small dining room and living room that feel similar to those found in a private home. Most bedrooms are large private rooms. Living rooms feature bookshelves, a TV/movie area and a fireplace.

This smaller-scale arrangement, has a more intimate feel and allows residents a large degree of flexibility to set their own schedules – for sleeping and waking, for meal times and for other activities. We feel that’s only right. After all, this is their home.

The household model also allows a more companionable connection between a household’s residents, as well as greater familiarity between residents and the staff who work in each household and are empowered to make decisions to best serve the residents’ needs in the moment.

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