PRN Respiratory Therapist

Job Description

Education: Must be a graduate of an accredited Respiratory Therapy Program and current license in the State of Alabama.
Experience: Skilled Nursing Facility Experience preferred, not required
Additional Skills / Abilities: Must be a resourceful problem solver who thrives in a fast-paced environment. Must be positive and caring with a customer-service oriented attitude
Maintain 24 credit hours every two years to maintain license

A person licensed by the board to administer respiratory therapy and who has the knowledge and skills necessary to administer respiratory therapy, monitor patient responses, modify respiratory therapy based upon patient response, provide information and education to patients about deficiencies or disorders of the cardiopulmonary system, and supervise others in the delivery of appropriate respiratory therapy procedures.

Therapy, management, rehabilitation, diagnostic evaluation, and care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities of the cardiopulmonary system and associate’s aspects of other systems functions, given by a health care professional under the direction of a physician. The term includes, but is not limited to, the following activities conducted upon written prescription, verbal order, or medically approved protocol:

a. Direct and indirect pulmonary care services that are safe, aseptic, preventive, or restorative to the patient.
b. Direct and indirect respiratory therapy services, including, but not limited to, the administration of pharmacologic, diagnostics, and therapeutic agents related to respiratory therapy procedures necessary to implement a treatment, disease prevention, pulmonary rehabilitative, or diagnostic regimen prescribed by a physician.
c. Observation and monitoring of signs and symptoms, general behavior, and general physical response to respiratory therapy treatment and diagnostics testing and determination of whether such signs, symptoms, reactions, behavior, or general responses exhibit abnormal characteristics and implementation, based on observed abnormalities, of appropriate reporting or referral practices or prescribed and medically approved respiratory therapy protocols or appropriate changes in a treatment regimen, pursuant to a prescription by a physician, or the initiation of emergency procedures.
d. The transcription and implementation of the written and verbal orders of a physician pertaining to the practice of respiratory therapy.
e. Institution of known and medically approved protocols relating to respiratory therapy in emergency situations in the absence of immediate direction by a physician and institution
of specific procedures and diagnostic testing related to respiratory therapy as ordered by a physician to assist in diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, and medical research.
f. Delivery of respiratory therapy procedures, instruction, and education of patients in the proper methods of self-care and prevention of cardiopulmonary diseases and other conditions requiring the use of respiratory therapy equipment or techniques.
(Act 2004-518, §2,)
g. The diagnostic and therapeutic use of any of the following, in accordance with the prescription of a physician:

1. Administrative of medical gases, exclusive of general anesthesia.
2. Aerosols.
3. Humidification.
4. Pharmacologic agents related to respiratory therapy procedures.
5. Bronchopulmonary hygiene.
6. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
7. Maintenance of airways.
8. Diagnostic and testing techniques required for
implementation of respiratory therapy protocols.
9. Analysis of blood, gases, and respiratory secretions.
10. Hemodynamic and other related physiologic
measurements of the cardiopulmonary system.
11. Cardiopulmonary disease management.
12. Assist to reduce re-hospitalization.
13. Direct and assist with respiratory protocols.
14. Assist with staff, resident, and family education.
15. Other duties as assigned.

Type: Part-time
Expires: 08/31/2019

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