Admin Assistant Team Member

Job Description

Reports to: Executive Administrative Staff

Who You Are: You are personable and have an eye for detail. You value organization and enjoy helping your team succeed. You thrive in an office environment, doing project-based work.

As a volunteer, you will enjoy a service opportunity where Relationships are the foundation, where we are all Committed to the same mission, where Growth is always possible, where we all show Compassion, where trust guides us to Transparency, and, above all, where Joy sustains us.

What You Will Do:

  • Print materials, prepare flyers, bundle store inventory, mailing, set up coupons, merchandise tags, etc. (All instructions will be provided for printing, with staff support)
  • General Administrative Support; general experience with MS Word and MS Excel is a plus
  • Special projects/tasks as assigned by team, such as archiving old information and files, organizing office supply space

What We Offer Back: Every volunteer contributes to the success of our mission. You can proudly tell your friends and family that every hour you spend serving with us helps provide accessible services to Idaho’s youth who need it most. You’ll also receive an awesome discount in our thrift stores and serve in a caring and compassionate environment where we are better together.

Why Unite With Us? The Idaho Youth Ranch is one of the oldest non-profit agencies in the state of Idaho. Volunteers help move our mission forward. We unite for Idaho’s youth by providing accessible programs and services that nurture hope, healing, and resilience.

Contact: Nathan Gilbert, Volunteer Services Manager, or 208-972-5373

Where: IYR Administrative Office, 5465 W. Irving St. Boise, Idaho 83706


  • Weekly (Monday – Friday, between 9am and 5pm)
  • 1–4-hour shifts
  • 1-5x a week (depending on volunteer’s schedule)

How: To volunteer for this opportunity, you will need to:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Submit application and resume.
  • Submit to a criminal background check.
  • Comply with all Idaho Youth Ranch Volunteer Policies and Procedures.

Type: Volunteer

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Idaho Youth Ranch Volunteers

Idaho Youth Ranch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping vulnerable, at-risk kids transform the pain and despair of childhood trauma into hope for a promising future.

Our Mission:
We unite for Idaho's youth by providing accessible programs and services that nurture hope, healing, and resilience.

Our Values:
RELATIONSHIPS are the foundation.
COMMITMENT to our mission unites us.
GROWTH is always possible.
TRANSPARENCY makes us stronger.
COMPASSION is our lens.
JOY sustains us.

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