Equine Assistant/Horse Care Assistant - Hands of Promise Arena

Job Description

Who: You have a heart for working with young people. You want to help young people heal and gain confidence through the equine program. You have knowledge and experience with equine assisted therapy and activities.

What: Equine Assistant will:
• Assist Equine Specialist in care and upkeep of the animals and animal facilities, including feeding horses, turnouts and/or returning to stalls from pasture.
• Assist Equine Specialist in moving horses to arena, and setting up equine therapy activities for clients.
• Assist with learning activities with the clients and horses.
• Assist with individual or small group instruction for clients.
• Assist Equine Specialist with horse care and other activities while ES is in session.
• Work with ES to clean up arena post session and return horses to stall/pasture.

Why: Working with horses has been a proven method of emotional recovery and one of the most unique services offered by Idaho Youth Ranch.

When: During Equine therapy, as scheduled by our Equine Specialist, starting mid to late May.

How: In order to volunteer for this opportunity, you will need to:
• Be at least 21 years old.
• Submit application
• Submit to a criminal background check
• Submit to a CHU background check
• Submit to a TB screen
• Submit to a Drug/Alcohol screen
• Complete interview
• Comply with all Idaho Youth Ranch Volunteer Policies and Procedures

Type: Volunteer

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Idaho Youth Ranch Volunteers

Idaho Youth Ranch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping vulnerable, at-risk kids transform the pain and despair of childhood trauma into hope for a promising future.

Our Mission:
We unite for Idaho's youth by providing accessible programs and services that nurture hope, healing, and resilience.

Our Values:
RELATIONSHIPS are the foundation.
COMMITMENT to our mission unites us.
GROWTH is always possible.
TRANSPARENCY makes us stronger.
COMPASSION is our lens.
JOY sustains us.

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