Land Maintenance/Mowing

Job Description

We are looking to build up our mowing crews. We need people who can efficiently run machinery and show proper maintenance of each piece of equipment. Must be able to use the zero turn, line trimmer, and blower. Must have at least one-year experience working the Florida summer heat. Other use of heavy equipment, such as a skid steer is a plus.

If applying for a driving position, you MUST have a clean driving record.

You must have proper transportation to and from work every day. Being late will not be tolerated.

Pay is competitive in the maintenance industry!


Maintaining our projects
Installation of Irrigation and Landscape
Installation and removal of Silt Fence
Lifting/wrapping grates
Ability to work with sledge hammer/shovels
Any type of field labor may be required
Employees may be assigned other duties by their supervisor, when their department or job is not operating during down times. This general job description is intended to serve as a guide to overall job assignments and as a tool in establishing a sound rate of pay for work performed. A certain amount of overlapping of duties between jobs is necessary if complete department efficiency is to be attained. Therefore, if an employee in another job classification is asked to perform alternative or additional duties listed in the job description, it should not be an inconvenience.


If you are truly interested in working, come to our shop in the mornings between 6:30am - 7:00am to be interviewed immediately.

30349 Commerce Drive San Antonio, FL 33576

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $12.00 - $15.00 per hour

Type: Full-time

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