Safety/Training Coordinator

Job Description

Safety Coordinator

Responsibilities are focused on maintaining the safest possible workplace and OSHA Compliance. The Safety Coordinator will be hands-on and interact with Operations Personnel to implement and manage a proactive, behavior-based approach to Health and Safety, with a strong emphasis on Personal Responsibility, Incident Prevention, and a Management Systems approach to compliance; perform Health and Safety determinations, compliance audits, and risk assessments to ensure effective and sustainable implementation of Regulatory and Company requirements.

Essential Duties:

Safety professional has oversight of drivers, jobsite safety and work comp claims and accident prevention. Observes, coaches, trains employees in safe work practices, rules, procedures, and hazard recognition. Conducts risk assessments and job briefings, evaluates work practices to determine where skills improvement is necessary. Inspects excavations, confined spaces, work zones, job sites.

Basic qualifications for this position:

Must have experience/proficiency in landscape practices, vehicles, and proper equipment usage. Understand DOT/OSHA related work experience and training preferred. Must be able to work unsupervised and travel to various worksites. Strong presentation skills leading regular Safety Meetings and other trainings. Provide technical assistance with the investigation of accidents, incidents, injuries, and/or illnesses. Must be willing to travel if needed and have 2-5 years of safety-related or specialized technical experience.

Type: Full-time

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