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About this position:
In this position, the employee will be responsible for making first contact with potential customers, and scheduling meetings with them for our New Business Sales Representatives (the New Business Sales is responsible for conducting the meeting including discovery and the close of the sale)
This is a metrics driven position - the individual should expect to reach out to 100+ people per day, make contact with 20%, ideally scheduling 10-20+ meetings per week
This is a phone / web sales role (Inside sales) - this will not be in person (we also don’t have assigned territories)
It is ideal for a junior salesperson or an individual interested in becoming a salesperson.
If this person is successful, after a year or two we imagine them taking more responsibility and moving into the New Business Sales role - there is a career path.
Must haves:
Remote experience ++
Loves the grind (won’t be discouraged hearing 90 “No”s a day, numbers game mentality)
1-3 Years Experience
Tech savvy
In general a good fit with W4
Hunter mentality, not Farmer
Smart - we’re niche so they need to know which customers are a good fit quickly
Process Driven (Follows a specific sales process or methodology)
Likes cold calling
Good at self prospecting
Wants to learn
Idea for this position is a more junior position who would at first feed trials, but after shows success has room to grow

Nice to Haves:
Transportation background (Rolledex with names)
Background in sales (but more important that they’re moldable)
In the RecruitingTech Space (specifically job boards)
Consistent sales achievement

Key Markets
Really anywhere in the continental US
Examples: Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Orlando, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Nashville, Charlotte, Indianapolis

$25k - 35k base
No quota
$250 bonus for every 10 trials signed -
If 10 per week, that’s $12,500 per year in bonus

COVID-19 Precaution(s):
Remote interview process
Virtual meetings

Type: Full-time
Pay: $25,000.00 to $55,000.00 per YEAR

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